A serious lack of priorities

If you are more upset that President Trump (allegedly!) used an obscenity to refer to Haiti than you are about President Clinton using American military power to re-install murderous tyrant Jean-Bertrand Aristide, then you have a serious lack of priorities.

I am much more concerned with how the American military was used to make Haiti a s******e by keeping Aristide in power than whether Donald Trump (allegedly!) called Haiti a s******e.

Policy matters a whole lot more than what Trump (allegedly!) said in a closed door meeting with other adults.

Get a freaking grip.

One thought on “A serious lack of priorities

  1. Furthermore: Everyone is claiming that Trump is coarsening the culture with his language. But he (allegedly!) said what he said in a closed door meeting with other adults.

    Someone had to run to the media and tattle on Trump. It is the tattletale, not Trump himself, who introduced the phrase “shithole countries” into the news cycle.

    You simply cannot honestly blame Trump for the fact that someone tattled on him for what he (allegedly!) said in private.


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