Are we living in the Idiocracy?

I have been blogging for fifteen years. I was writing opinion columns for seven years before that, back to when I wrote for the Indiana Daily Student in college. I found out after the Super Bowl that the way to be an Internet celebrity is not to try to form coherent and convincing political and ideological arguments and influence policy that way, but to to eat horse manure on YouTube.

That is encouraging. I am so glad I have poured so much time, effort and money into my blogging just to be leapfrogged by an idiot who takes a big bite of horse manure. It makes me feel like all my efforts have been worth it.

My frustration is not with my lack of reach, or that others are more successful than I am. My frustration is the kind of content that makes someone famous: Not years of work, but thirty seconds to do something disgusting that is uploaded to YouTube. Is that really all it takes to go viral? Apparently. It feels like we are living in the Idiocracy, where we use Gatorade to water our plants and the most popular TV show is one where people get kicked in the groin over and over.

The complaining above aside, I am happy with my life. I am satisfied with what God has given me and I am thankful for His blessings, which are numerous. I understand that I will never be a nationally known columnist or pundit, nor will my blog be one of the most heavily visited sites on the web. Do I want to have a wider reach, a bigger audience and more influence? Sure I do. I would be lying if I said otherwise. But after over twenty years writing thousands of opinion pieces, I understand that my blogging is a hobby and that is how I have to approach it. If it is God’s will that I become more influential, it will happen.

2 thoughts on “Are we living in the Idiocracy?

  1. – An egomaniacal conspiracy theorist wanna-be dictator was elected President BECAUSE he is completely unqualified for the job – not even in spite of it.
    – The 100% wrong “climate change isn’t real” argument gets equal airtime with scientific fact
    – A large segment of our population doesn’t listen to all the experts on vaccines, and would rather expose their children to the risk of deadly infectious disease than change their minds on the basis of data
    – “More guns = less gun violence” somehow makes sense to about half the US population

    So yes, we are living in the idiocracy!


  2. If it makes any difference, I enjoy reading your blogs and letters to the editor (though I wish the H-Ts commenting hadn’t become so ridiculous that no one comments any more). I am in agreement with much of what you stand for particularly your right to life – and I don’t agree with all that you believe (mostly with some of your political views). However, I find that you are very intelligent and think through issues very thoroughly. I find your opinions much more enlightening than many other evangelical Christians (which I happen to be — in fact I sat under Tim Bayly’s teaching/preaching for many years and still consider him a friend and brother in the Lord); What I like the most is that your opinions seem to be your own, not just a repitition or regurgitating what they think the “Christian” view should be. So I hope you continue writing/blogging/thinking etc. cause I do enjoy your opinions. BTW, back in the H-T commenting days, I appreciated that there were some who were brave enough to agree with you on certain topics (Janis Starcs is one I think of) rather than just attacking you because you are outspoken against Planned Parenthood. Hope you have a great weekend.


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