Children are a blessing from the Lord

The pro-life movement needs a positive message, and we need to embrace God’s promises and sing praises of His blessings. If we want to end abortion, this is the only way to do it.

We have often focused on the evil of abortion, and how it murders a baby made in the image of God. We have educated the public about the brutality of abortion. Even many politicians who support “abortion rights” try to use weasel words by saying they want abortion to be “safe, legal and rare.” (Somehow, all efforts to make abortion rare are rejected by the same people who say they want it to be rare.)

But even as we seek to protect these little ones, we are not challenging the world’s assumptions about children. It is these assumptions that fuel the abortion mills that blight our cities. The world tells us that children are a curse. The world tells us that children are a burden, both on our finances and on our time. The world tells us that we will be happier without children. Because we are naturally a very selfish people, we embrace these lies and we repeat these lies to others.

Do you want to fight abortion? Here is one thing you can do: Get married and have babies. Talk about how your children are a blessing from God and how thankful you are for His blessings. If people wonder how you manage, tell them that no matter the challenges, the rewards are far greater than any difficulties children bring. You created and built a completely new life, loved by God and made in His image. That is why I say that you have not really lived until you are sleep-deprived from a newborn that will not sleep unless he is being held – because I have lived that and I know the joy it brings.

Unless we convince people that children are a blessing, and reject the lie that children are a burden or a curse, we will never end the wholesale slaughter of unborn babies.

4 thoughts on “Children are a blessing from the Lord

  1. Scott, I notice how well you update your site; therefore I ask why you are ignoring my question about pro-lifers not caring for our children? I am sure you have reasons for this; but the pro-life history is so much opposed to what I believe is your love of children.


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