Fighting terrorism is not a violation of “free speech”

The headline of the New York Times’ June 14 article, “states crack down on campus protests,” was shockingly dishonest. No one is seeking to silence protests against conservative speakers. Cracking down on violence does not restrict anyone’s free speech rights. Violence is not and will never be “free speech.”

This is not new. Leftist students pulled the fire alarm several times when a sitting Congressman was speaking on the Indiana University campus in the 1990’s. This creates a dangerous situation and drains resources from the city fire department.

It is worse now. What happened at Berkeley in 2017 was not a protest; it was a full-scale riot by Leftist terrorists. They were burning cars and smashing windows. The same year in Berkeley, Leftist terrorists were violently attacking and beating people perceived to be Donald Trump supporters, including some who were not but were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Neo-Communist terrorist groups like Antifa must not be allowed to violently suppress free speech with riots, beatings, and other violent criminal behavior. The state legislatures are absolutely right to be cracking down on this nonsense and disciplining the so-called “students” who are so terrified of hearing an opinion they disagree with that they engage in terrorism to stop it. Neo-Communist terrorists are not much different than Muslim terrorists rioting over cartoons they dislike.