This is how you got Trump

Sarah Huckabee Sanders walks into a restaurant. Yes, this is the beginning of a joke, but the joke is one deranged, hate-filled Leftists who cannot handle even the existence of someone who disagrees with them. The very same people who are dumbfounded that anyone would support Donald Trump are not only continuing but are determined to ramp up the very culture war that caused so many to embrace Trump to begin with. Yes, take the very thing that voters hate about you and double down on it. Truly this will result in victory!

Think about this compared to the wholly manufactured outrage against Memories Pizza in Indiana. Memories had never discriminated against a single homosexual customer, but the entire Left flooded them with vile, obscene rants after the owner said she would not want to cater a same-sex wedding. What everyone overlooked the fact that Memories Pizza does not cater weddings at all. It is impossible to discriminate in a service you do not provide. I do not juggle at same-sex weddings, so am I discriminating? Well, I do not juggle at any weddings. I am completely incapable of juggling at all. Maybe I should be forced to learn how to juggle.

So, to sum it up. Actual discrimination by Leftists good. Theoretical discrimination by Christians evil.

At least Sanders was not physically attacked, as Tomi Lahren and Kat Timpf were. Leftist radicals physically assaulted Timpf and Lahren, dousing the young women with water because of their political views.

A few Leftists are politically astute enough to know this is not a winning issue outside of the hard-line Democratic Party base are whining that Sanders “broke the law” with her post on Twitter about the Red Hen. This is hysterical nonsense. No government force was used or threatened against the Red Hen. There was no abuse of power. This technically is not even a state resource, because Twitter is a private company. Sanders expressed disappointment at the way she was treated.

For those celebrating the discrimination against Sanders, do you really want to live in a world where this happens on a regular basis? The Never ending escalation of the culture war hurts everyone and will boomerang back on you. How about we just behave with civility and not refuse to have anything to do with people who disagree with us politically? Will you be cheering when the tables are turned, or will you complain?

Guys, this is not working. The constant hate and increasingly deranged rhetoric is not helping you. It is turning off even many on your own side, and it is motivating the Right. The mid-term elections are almost never good for the party in power, and Democrats have squandered their sizable lead in the generic ballot polls in large part due to the lunacy of Trump haters. This is how Trump will be re-elected.

2 thoughts on “This is how you got Trump

  1. The solution of course is for American patriots to finally seek a solution to the leftist question via their Divinely mandated rights as enumerated in the 2nd Amendment.

    We make America great again by making it pure again! MAGA Ad Eternum!


  2. Sorry, but the Right lost any credibility to demand “civility” after spending 8 years calling Obama every racist name under the sun, claiming he was a Kenyan Muslim terrorist, and chanting that he should be lynched. And at the political level, throwing away all of the norms that allowed compromise and progress and grinding the country’s government to a halt for the sole purpose of keeping him from accomplishing anything, no matter the costs to the country.
    On the other hand, the reason Trump officials are hearing dissent in public is because they are participating in a racist, illegal, and immoral policy of strpping small children of LEGAL asylum seekers from their parents and forcing them to live for prolonged periods, sleeping on a concrete floor, in cages that are cooled to 60 degrees, with no due process, and then dragging them to court to defend themselves with no representation (at ages as young as two!). We (and by ‘we’ I am including you) owe it to humanity and to these children of God to stand up to such brutality.

    To summarize:
    – Democrats are upset because Trump is committing borderline genocide.
    – Republicans were upset because Obama wanted to change how healthcare is paid for.

    Do you see why a different level of response is warranted?


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