WordPress banning is strange

Back in 2015, I banned a reader from commenting on ConservaTibbs.com. He had been posting a smear against Rick Santorum and continued to do so after being told to stop. That ban is still in effect. That user knows who he is, so I won’t mention him here as he cannot respond.

Anyway, that same reader has been posting comments since at least early this year, but I did not know that because I do not get notifications when a banned user posts a comment. The comments go directly to the trash. I saw I had 19 comments in the trash and thought it was strange, so I went to look and there were the auto-deleted comments I never saw.

This is a strange way to handle it. Normally, when someone is banned from a forum, website comments, Facebook page or whatever, that user cannot even comment and sometimes cannot even log in. So the fact that WordPress is allowing him to comment and then auto-deleting the comment is unusual compared to standard operating procedures.

Anyway, you can keep commenting if you want, but the comments will not show up and will continue to be auto-deleted. You’re wasting your time.