What is wrong with you people?

One thought on “What is wrong with you people?

  1. Karen Conner

    Thank you Scott for reminder that Vladmir Putin is no firend of America and what his evil tactics were and continue to be like. I realize that the extent of my distrust on him comes from my anti-Russian upbringing — my parents were refugees from Latvia aster the June14th 1944 deporting of thousands of Latvians to Siberia. Families were broen up (father taken, no one else; sister dragged off, rest of the family not). My father’s uncle was one who was deported. He was one of thhe “lucky” ones who was allowed to return as a totally broken man. My father never saw his parents again. They “sent” him and his siblings out of Latvia to ensure they would not be among the next bunch of deportees. The Russians, and Putin, never were and are not now our friends and the sooner we realize that, the more of a chance we have of them not turning our great country into one of their puppet governents.

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