Random thoughts from my Twitter

We need to be VERY careful about condemning people for what they read. Lots of people read things they vehemently disagree with, in order to understand the opposition and eventually to fight against it. — Twitter.

Screeching hysterically that I am a “misogynist” because I support due process for men accused of rape shows that you are too emotionally unstable and intellectually feeble to form a coherent argument. Also, look up the case of Emmett Till. — Twitter.

If you are a “christian” and you claim that personal morality is not important in a leader, you are a heretic. Full stop. — Twitter.

While I understand the idea to renovate the hospital instead of tearing it down and building something else, new construction is often a more efficient use of space than renovation. That labyrinthine building will not serve another use very well. — Twitter.

I recently heard a deconstruction of the “what did we do to deserve dogs” meme. No, it doesn’t make any sense when you think about it logically. But sometimes a meme is just a meme. People like them. Chillax. — Twitter.

The biggest problem with politics today is the cult mentality that infects both Right and Left. Both sides will go along with anything their favorite political figure says or does, no matter what. This is how we wind up using Gatorade to water our plants. — Twitter.

If the NBA is legitimately interested in parity, the answer is contraction. It’s much easier to have parity with 24 teams than 30. Each team would have better talent because the bottom 72 players would not be in the league. The quality of the game would improve, too. — Twitter.