Pete Buttigieg is a liar

If we want to “drain the swamp” in Washington DC, then we cannot elect a President who shamelessly lies for political gain. This means that Pete Buttigieg must not be elected President. Buttigieg showed his character last summer when he lied about the 2018 Indiana Republican Party platform.

Here is Pete Buttigieg’s shamefully dishonest post on Twitter:

Quick question for @indgop after today’s platform vote against marriage equality: Do you propose that our marriages be broken up? Or just stripped of legal protection? #INGOP18

Here is the strong families language from the Indiana Republican Party’s 2018 platform:

We believe in strong families. We believe that strong families, based on marriage between a man and a woman, are the foundation of society.We also recgonize that some families are much more diverse and we support the blended families, grandparents, guardians, single parents and loving adults who successfully raise and nurture children to reach their full potential every day.

There is not one single word in the 2018 Indiana GOP platform that opposes “marriage equality.” In fact, the “loving adults” language implies support for same-sex couples. To pretend that the 2018 platform advocates that same-sex marriages be “broken up” or denied “legal protection” is an outright lie.

This is not about the issue of same-sex marriage itself. This is about character and integrity. This is about whether we can trust our leaders. Buttigieg has proven that he cannot be trusted.

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  1. btowncoltsfan

    I have been following Pete since his first run for Mayor in 2011 and your concerns about him are perhaps the least of my concerns about him. I must admit that I haven’t followed what he has done as mayor in SB; however, I did follow the initial campaign closely because I had a very personal interest in it. He ran on a platform that had NO ideas of his own– merely riding on the coattails that he was a Rhodes scholar and a “veteran” (though very, very, limited service). At the time, he definitely did not come out as gay and he tried to cover up his lack of ANY kind of real work experience by acting like “consulting” (if he actually did any) wa a real job. Needless to say, I was sorely disappointed that he won the 2011 primary and won a second term as well. And while his education as a Rhodes scholar must have taught him to keep his campaign oh so positive, what went on behind the public scenes and perception was quite the opposite. When he came out as being gay, I seriously thought he was doing that as a gimmick because that had become the “cool” democratic position. I still believe his over exagerated ego and quest for power is a far greater danger than whatever his sexual orientation may or may not be. I have copied just a brief account of an article with a couple of reader comments which are from his first campaign. Sorry to run on so long but I totally agree with you that he is not someone we would want as the leader of our country. (Needless to say, i am so glad he not win his attempt to be the leader of the Democratic Party. If this country is to continue in the greatness it’s enjoyed the last several centuries, we need ethical, moral, qualified, life experienced leaders in both parties. We need Mr. Smith to go to Washington….. oh, for the good old days when issues could be discussed in a cival and honest manner not matter how opposing the opinions on the issue may be)

    By JEFF PARROTT South Bend Tribune Staff Writer
    8:14 p.m. EDT, April 28, 2011
    SOUTH BEND — It was bound to happen in such an apparently tight race, with less than a week left.
    A South Bend Democratic mayoral candidate has gone negative. Or so his opponent says.
    Ryan Dvorak has a new television ad that begins with a close-up of a man’s jogging feet, an apparent reference to how Pete Buttigieg jogs in his ad.
    The music is eerie.
    “What is 29-year-old Pete Buttigieg running from?” a narrator asks. Pot calling kettle black! 🙄
    Then his feet stop, with an ominous sound effect.
    “Maybe it’s the facts,” the narrator continues. “That he’s funded by the same old power brokers that have run the city for 30 years. Or that he lacks the real experience for elected office.”
    Mike Schmuhl, Buttigieg’s campaign manager, said Buttigieg was unavailable for comment Thursday because he was out knocking on doors.
    “Pete is spending his time listening to voters and talking about his action plan to improve the local economy and create jobs. It is unfortunate that Ryan Dvorak has resorted to negative campaigning. Pete feels politics should be about debating ideas, not political attacks.”
    Dvorak’s and Buttigieg’s campaigns in recent weeks have each released polls they commissioned that rank themselves as leading among likely Democratic primary voters, with Democrats Mike Hamann and Barrett Berry in third and fourth place, respectively.
    Dvorak said Thursday that he doesn’t think the ad is negative.
    “There’s nothing personal or untruthful about any of it,” Dvorak said. “I think these are important issues. Facts are facts. I think there are a lot of legitimate questions people have about whether Pete Buttigieg has the experience to be mayor.
    “It’s also important, since the main message of his campaign has been about being a fresh start for South Bend, that he is being funded by the same group of people who have been calling the shots for decades.”
    Dvorak said he is referring to former mayors such as Joe Kernan and Roger Parent, law firms that do business with the city, such as Baker & Daniels, and contractors who “make a lot of money doing business with the city and have for a long time.”
    “They are invested heavily in his campaign,” Dvorak said. “I don’t know that any of them represent any real change at all.”
    Dvorak said Buttigieg has amassed an impressive amount of campaign contributions, but “he hasn’t done it alone. They’ve been raising money for him.”
    When asked to address these accusations during a recent interview, Buttigieg said he would make his own decisions if elected, regardless of how influential his campaign contributors are.
    “I’m building my own organization,” Buttigieg said. “I’ll listen to other people, be they familiar faces or outsiders, but at the end of the day I’ll make decisions based on what I think is best for the city.
    “I have more than 800 donors who span the political spectrum,” Buttigieg said. “Doctors, teachers, lawyers, laborers, all have decided they want to be part of this campaign.”
    Buttigieg recently reported that his campain has raised $229,000, while Dvorak reported $100,000.

    COMMENTS START HERE: These are just a few

    Re: DVORAK – does this bother anyone
    Postby johndobee » Thu Apr 28, 2011 10:06 pm

    Dvorak has a point about the power brokers. The problem with that is that there are so many colorful figures who can be called “power brokers” in S. Bend. He could alienate the traditional power brokers, and there’d be a whole new crop all too happy to step into their roles.
    So how does Dvorak handle those who want to guide him to work in their interest? It’s already pretty clear he’ll follow when instructed to follow.
    He wasn’t his own man a couple weeks ago. Why should the voters of S. Bend expect him to be now?
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    Re: DVORAK – does this bother anyone
    Postby Gamblinbug » Fri Apr 29, 2011 7:54 am
    Well I sent Pete a email asking a few questions and I was not impressed with his answers. Maybe he didn’t respond himself but if not his people had no real answers either. here is the email and answer.

    On Apr 22, 2011, at 8:57 PM, Jesse Davis wrote:
    Just wondering where you stand on a few topics important to many people who will be voting.

    1. Nepotism within the city ranks.

    2. transparency on all issues.

    3. Fair business practices within the city.

    4. Drinking and driving in city vehicles.

    5. How are you tied with Sam Hensley,
    Dear Jessie,
    Thank you for getting in touch. I believe that our city must provide city services in a fair, above-board, and transparent manner. This includes hiring and spending, and my plans include enhanced budget transparency and a top-to-bottom-review of city spending to ensure it is taking place in a way that benefits residents and taxpayers first.
    Many different people in our city are supporting my campaign–some of whom do not even like or agree with each other. I have more than a thousand contributors and volunteers, and I am proud of the broad-based organization we are creating–but I hope that at the end of the day, voters will make their decision based on my own positions, initiatives, and plans.
    Best wishes,
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    Re: DVORAK – does this bother anyone
    Postby Happy Mom » Fri Apr 29, 2011 8:46 am
    Wow, that was generic….. 😕 🙄 :hand:


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