Repent of this wicked idolatry

Donald Trump is a “godly, biblical president?”

No, he is not. This is totally false, and Michele Bachmann knows it.

Look, we have who we have. Trump is not a man of good character, but he has delivered good conservative policy. He has not been perfect, but he has been good. So here is the choice in 2020: We can continue with good conservative policy, or we can elect a Democrat – and all of them are terrible.

We do not have to make utterly absurd claims that Trump is the most Biblical president ever to support him politically. That is not true, and everyone knows it is not true.

Absurd exaggerations do much worse than harm the Republican Party. These absurd exaggerations drive people away from the Christian faith and harm vulnerable souls.

This is shameful. Christians who are spreading this nonsense must repent of this wicked idolatry.