Trump and Kim Jong Un

If you reflexively defend Donald Trump showering praise on murderous Communist tyrant Kim Jong Un as “America First” you are a cultist who looks at Trump the way the Branch Davidians looked at David Koresh. One does not You don’t need to butter up one of the worst human beings in human history in order to effectively negotiate with him. Kim Jong Un is up there with Hitler and Stalin in terms of pure evil.

Praising mass-murdering Communist tyrants is not “America First.” There was a time when Republicans universally understood this, before the Trump cult erased rationality for way too many, replaced with idolatrous blind loyalty.

I am a Trump supporter. I am going to vote for him in 2020. But I will not reflexively defend everything he does and I will criticize him when he is wrong. But for a cult, there is no room for true patriotism. That is seen as heresy. It is shameful.