Did the Clintons murder Jeffrey Epstein?

When notorious sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his jail cell, #ClintonBodyCount immediately started trending on Twitter. Epstein had already “attempted suicide” once, though that may have been more of a plea for attention. Regardless, he should have been under 24/7 suicide watch.

But before we go crazy… OK, too late. We have already gone crazy with the Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy theories. But here is some perspective anyway: Do not assume a conspiracy when incompetence is a more likely explanation for the death of a high-profile prisoner.

If Epstein was going to be put down by the “Clinton crime family,” it would have been years ago. Murdering him now throws gasoline on the conspiracy theory fires, and guarantees a much more intense inquiry into his death. In fact, many people started joking about Epstein’s impending “suicide” a month ago, because of Epstein’s well-documented and decades long friendship with President Bill Clinton.


But why would the Clintons wait this long to kill him? The allegations about Epstein sexually abusing teenage girls first broke 2005. If the Clintons were going to murder him, it would have been before Mrs. Clinton ran for President in 2008. If he was murdered early Saturday morning, the incompetence of not killing him over a decade ago would be combined with stupidity of killing him now.

Is it possible that Epstein was murdered? Of course it was, and the Clintons are exactly the kind of morally bankrupt, crooked people who would do that. But they would be complete idiots to do it now, when suspicion would immediately fall on them. I find it hard to believe the Clintons are that stupid.

There is another issue here, and hopefully the attention on the Epstein case will raise awareness and spur better public policy on an important issue. That is the treatment of people in our jails and prisons nationwide.

The incompetence of the jail in allowing Epstein’s death is staggering, and that is just the beginning. Epstein is hardly the first person who has been on “suicide watch” to manage to kill himself. Prisoners are in the state’s custody, and the state has an obligation to take care of them, both protecting them from themselves and other prisoners. We as a society do a terrible job of maintaining humane conditions for people who have been incarcerated, and that needs to change.

Finally, in case it is not painfully obvious, the “screenshot” of Hillary Clinton’s Twitter that I posted above is a meme. It is a joke. It is satire. It is not a “lie” because no one ever presented it as real. Chill out.