False accusations enable real white supremacists

As usual, the radical Left is demanding censorship, and scolding the local newspaper for publishing a mainstream conservative opinion by a former candidate for the U.S. House of Representative and influential figure in Indiana Republican politics. We must resist these calls for censorship.

I have known Bob Hall for almost 8 years. He is not a racist and certainly not a white supremacist, so the accusation that the Herald-Times editor is “legitimating white supremacist ideas when he publishes them as editorials” is a fraud. In fact, Hall opposes racism and white supremacy. His entire argument is that the owners of Schooner Creek Farm are not white supremacists.

But this is a common tactic on the Left. They misrepresent those they disagree with as worse than they actually are, in order to advocate for more censorship. The tactic of continually shrinking the “Overton window” is meant to ensure that only approved opinions are allowed in the public square. Suggesting that people will be murdered if mainstream conservatives are not silenced is a particularly appalling tactic.

But by falsely labeling mainstream conservatives as “white supremacists,” Leftists are providing cover for real white supremacists. It is the classic “boy who cried wolf” scenario – falsely label people as white supremacists too many times and people will not believe you when you point at a real white supremacist. It is precisely because white supremacist ideology is evil that we must save the label for real white supremacists, so that the label is not watered down.

Obviously, the Herald-Times has the right to publish or not publish or not publish whatever they wish. But pushing mainstream conservative opinions off the editorial page does not serve this community. It will only make us more divided and less informed. The editorial page should not be a safe space where you can be sheltered from opinions you do not like. You can always turn the page or not open the link.