Where I stand on Donald Trump

Because there seems to be some confusion, let me clarify where I stand regarding the President of these United States, in no particular order:

  • Trump’s personal character is abominable.
  • The tendency among some “christians” to excuse Trump’s personal sins is a betrayal of the Gospel. It often crosses into heresy, blasphemy and idolatry. Vulnerable souls are crushed by this.
  • Trump was the least qualified of the Republican field of candidates in 2016. He still is.
  • Trump’s combative style is good and sometimes he implements it well. However, Trump often goes way too far with it. He goes nuclear when a flyswatter would be more appropriate, or simply ignoring an attack would be better.

  • Trump has a very bad habit of loving anyone who praises him, whether that person deserves support or not.
  • I would prefer a different Republican be the nominee in 2020.
  • I voted for Darrell Castle in 2016, and I do not regret or apologize for that.
  • Trump needs to stop mouthing off on Twitter and fueling the culture war.
  • Conservatives must pressure Trump and encourage him to be better. Conservatives should continue to call him out when he is wrong.

With that said:

  • A primary challenge against Trump would be a fool’s errand destined to fail.
  • Trump has been good on policy: Tax cuts, deregulation, restricting funds to Planned Parenthood, defending Israel, supporting religious freedom and solid conservative judges are reasons to vote for him.
  • Realistically, Trump is the only option for conservatives through the 2020 election to continue his good policy. We are not going to get another Republican as the nominee. A third party candidate has no chance of winning.
  • Trump’s negatives do not disqualify him from being re-elected in 2020.
  • By supporting Trump we have a seat at the table and can influence policy in a conservative direction. That has been proven over the last two and a half years.
  • The Democrats running for President are pursing a very radical agenda that needs to be stopped. Realistically, the only way to stop that is to vote for Trump.
  • Republicans should continue to defend Trump when he is right, especially when the attacks on him are dishonest and are a means to attack all of us.
  • Trump has been a bulwark against a radical Leftist agenda, and we have been far better off with him than we would have been with Hillary Clinton.
  • The attacks by some Christians against fellow Christians for voting for a morally flawed man, given the political reality we live in, demonstrate a real lack of humility and grace. This is a sin.
  • Trump is not a social conservative, but he has been a friend and very strong ally to social conservatives.

So call me a hypocrite, or this or that or whatever. I will vote to-re-elect Trump but I am by no means “all in” for every single thing he does. I live in the world as it is, not as I wish it was. In the 2020 election, I am making a choice between a flawed candidate who has nonetheless delivered good policy and the terrible alternative offered by the Democrats. I do not judge or condemn conservatives who cannot in good conscience vote for Trump.