Why we need the Life Chain

When a Facebook user described the Life Chain as “very upsetting, very triggering, and super anger-producing,” it underscored for me why we need to continue doing the event. We cannot allow people to get comfortable in their apathy. We must be reminded that abortion exists, and what abortion does.

That is why Christian Citizens for Life stretched across town and through campus on October 6 silently and peacefully holding signs with messages such as “Abortion kills children,” “Jesus heals and forgives” and “pray to end abortion.” It is easy to think of abortion as a simple medical procedure, and then to put it out of our minds.

But when we think of abortion that way, we are deceiving ourselves. We all know that abortion is the termination of an innocent human life, and we cannot allow society to forget that fact. We are the only voice that unborn babies have. I guarantee you all of the people in the Life Chain had things they would rather be doing than risking the abuse of passers-by and making a spectacle of themselves in a liberal college town. They chose to stand for those who cannot defend themselves, peacefully witnessing to the injustice all around us.

Yes, the reminder of the injustice of abortion is upsetting to many. That is a good thing. We should be upset, and we should be convicted by the bloodshed that stains our land. That shows we still have a conscience and that God is working in our hearts.

One thought on “Why we need the Life Chain

  1. btowncoltsfan

    Hi Scott. First of all, I really appreciate your work for the tiniest of babies. Even before I became a Christian, it seemed a no-brainer that abortion was the killing of a person. What has kept me from being active in the protests is that several years ago, we Christians drove off “gays against abortion” and “atheists against abortion” and other groups that we didn’t deem to be “Christian” for “after all, they are just pushing their own agenda”. As I said earlier, even before I was a Christian, I was pro-life and anti-abortion. In our fight against abortion, I feel we should welcome everyone who shares our belief in ending the killing of babies. It might even lead to some non-believers joining those who protest in front of planned parenthood — and who knows, perhaps even lead to someone coming to faith in Jesus through our witness of love and forgiveness. Perhaps I am cutting off my nose to spite my face by not continuing to participate in organized events; however, I do not want to be seen as a Christian who would disallow a pro-life non Christian from participating no more than I want to be associated with those who shoot abortion providers (even if I think those providers are evil). Back in my youth, I was an active anti-Viet Nam War protester but I certainly did not want to be confused with those blew up ROTC buildings or engaged in other forms of violence. Though this is not an exact comparison, to a certain degree it is for me. After all, while it was “assumed” that all war protesters were democrats or commie rats, there were quite a few of us who were independents, conservatives and yes, even Republicans. Sorry for the long post. BTW, I have made my concerns known previously to several prime pro-life leader in the community but have never received an answer or explanation.


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