Reality vs. Paranoia

From my Twitter page:

Sex trafficking is real. It exists. It is evil.

But it does not help sex trafficking victims to spread panic about adult women being kidnapped in broad daylight in a public place.

Two things can be true at once.

Muslim terrorists kidnap women and force them into rape slavery. Teenage runaways are groomed and then sex trafficked.

But in these United States, there are not roving gangs of sex traffickers kidnapping adult women in public places. Children are not being kidnapped in front of their parents in public places and sex trafficked. It does not help real victims of sex trafficking to be spreading paranoia about something that does not exist.

Internet companies like Google who have worked with law enforcement to fight sex trafficking and help victims should not be smeared and defamed for their positions on public policy and free speech.

There is not one shred of inconsistency in my blog post this morning with what I have written in the past on this issue. None.