No redemption and no forgiveness in the PC cult

I saw something on Twitter describing Tulsi Gabbard as “homophobic,” so I did a quick Google search and found this.

This is the problem with the man-made religion of political correctness. If you ever say anything they dislike, you can never be forgiven. No matter what you have done since you said something “offensive,” you will always be defined by that remark.

Do you know who else opposed same-sex marriage in 2004, and continued to oppose same-sex marriage for eight more years? The Great and Exalted Barack Obama.

Note the difference between the PC cult and Christianity. While PC holds your “sins” over you forever and denies redemption, Christianity is exactly the opposite. God looks at the repentant sinner and sees the perfect righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a much more reassuring way to live.

No wonder the people who are the most “woke” are angry, bitter and hateful. They have no hope.

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