This has never been lives against the stock market

When people argue for opening up the economy, the predictable boring response is “You don’t care if old people die. You want to kill Grandma!”

But the Washington Post points out that the economic losses from “stay at home” orders could kill millions of people:

And as incomes are lost, a “hunger pandemic” could eclipse the coronavirus, the World Food Program has warned; 130 million people are expected to join the ranks of the 135 million who were expected to suffer from acute hunger this year, the agency says, bringing to 265 million the number of those at risk of starvation.

This has never been lives against the stock market. It has always been lives against lives. Everyone knows this, so knock it off with the hateful rhetoric demonizing those who disagree with you.

Now, let me be clear. As I have said many times, I agreed with the lockdowns on a temporary basis. I never thought they were tyranny or a violation of the constitution, at least as initially implemented. We needed to keep the hospitals from being overwhelmed – to spread out infections over time.

But it is simply wrong and dishonest to argue that those who disagree (or wanted to lift restrictions earlier than you personally think is wise) are people who are willing to sacrifice the lives of vulnerable people for a few extra dollars in their bank account.

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