A win and a loss in the 2020 primary

I was on the primary ballot again this past Tuesday, and the results were a win and a loss. This is the first time I have lost a Republican primary since 2008.

First, the bad news: I finished fifth of ten in the county-wide race for delegate to the Republican Party state convention, which puts me in the top half but I narrowly missed being elected by only 264 votes. Had I ran in my district instead of county-wide, I probably would have won.

I won my race for precinct committeeman. My opponent was also running for state representative, so he was at the polls a lot. He got more votes than I did on Election Day and in-person early voting but I had enough of a lead with mail-in ballots that I barely squeaked by for a third term.

Monroe County Republican Convention Delegate At-Large (elect four)

Martha “Marty” Hawk – 4,021
Ann Collins — 2,731
Tracy J. Young — 2,631
William Ellis — 2,548
Scott Tibbs — 2,284
Gregg Knott — 1,917
Dustin C. Dillard — 1,759
Phyllis J. Finley — 1,505
Mary Spiehler — 1,444
Andrew J. Guenther — 1,423

Perry 5 Republican Precinct Committeeman

Scott Tibbs — 51
Gregg Knott — 46

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