Dog beds and cat beds

Back in 2013, we took care of a little 12 pound dog for 6 months. I went to get Pico a dog bed, and I had a difficult time finding a dog bed his size. So, I got a cat bed instead.

I did find a dog bed a few minutes later, but the cat bed was already in the cart so I just bought that one. What I found fascinating was that the dog bed was significantly more expensive than the cat bed despite the fact that they were exactly the same: Same size, same material, same style and shape, and same amount of padding.

Why is that? Why would the price be so different for the same item? Are dog owners just willing to pay more than cat owners?

Even better, my 35 pound Beagle / Rat Terrier mix decided he really liked the cat bed and would sleep on it long after the little dog went away. Nano was quite a bit taller than Pico, so he was falling off the side of the dog bed when he slept on it. I never did understand why Nano wanted to sleep in what must be a very uncomfortable position when there are multiple other places to sleep.