Is Trump trying to “create” votes?

I saw this tweet over the weekend, which led me to this video.

So we need to be clear. Trump was not urging anyone to manufacture votes that do not exist. Trump is urging elected officials to find the votes that he believes were stolen. I think the President is wrong, but urging someone to fix what you believe is a faulty vote tally is simply not the same as trying to get him to create votes out of thin air. Trump said nothing on the call that he has not said publicly many, many, many times.

And, again, I think the President is wrong. I do not believe there was voter fraud widespread enough to change the results of a statewide election in multiple states.

But intent actually does matter if you are judging whether something is a scandal, and it most certainly matters if you are trying to determine if someone committed a crime.

Finally, this once again demonstrates that President Trump would be much better off if he would simply keep his mouth shut and let his lawyers handle things. He does not help his cause.