A fun memory

November 2018 – Tera the Beagle walked across the room and was slowly infringing on the spot where Nano was sleeping. I knew what was about to happen because it had already happened many times before over the previous 13 years: She was going to kick him off the blanket.

“Tera, no.”

She looks at me, then looks at Nano. She takes a step toward him.

“Tera, NO.”

She stops, looks at me, and starts to move toward Nano.

“Tera, NO!”

I stand up. She lays down next to Nano instead of kicking him off his favorite blanket.

There are multiple places to sleep, and Tera had to come upstairs to find Nano. The only reason she was doing that is to remind Nano that she is the dominant dog. She was such a bully.