Homelessness and Public Safety

It is nice to see the Chamber standing up. Better late than never.

From the article:

Another said: “Sometimes I have to escort customers to their car, because they’re afraid. They don’t like being hassled by people asking for money or are intimidated by someone yelling profanities at people passing by. And I know we lose a lot of business from people who tell me they don’t want to come to this part of town because it is ‘unsafe.'”

One business owner posed a question to the city. “What’s more important to you people? Keeping the homeless happy or keeping business open in the downtown area? We have more people wandering our properties, stealing packages, defecating on our property, masturbating in public places, scaring our clients and leaving needles.”

Source: The Herald-Times.

It is sad that the Mayor and the City Council are more concerned with being Politically Correct than with public safety.

You do not have the “right” to live in a tent, shoot up heroin and poop on the grass in a public park. Period.