A fraudulent attack on Hollingsworth

It is fine to oppose a member of Congress for a specific vote you dislike. It is not fine to openly lie about your reasons for doing so. Trey Hollingsworth has stirred anger among some conservatives with his early votes in the 117th Congress. This is one of the attacks on him:

Sign up to defeat these RINO communist traitors. They not only voted with the Democrats to investigate the January 6th Trump rally, but they are huge Never-Trumpers who hate the America First Movement.

Those of us who live in Indiana’s Ninth District know this is complete nonsense. First, Hollingsworth is not and never was a never-Trumper. That is an outright lie. He is very pro-Trump and has been since 2016. He is also a supporter of “America First.” If “Drain the Swamp” PAC is willing to openly lie about this, how can I trust a single word they say about anything?

Here is the reality: Hollingsworth voted for the commission hoping that if it is approved it will have some legitimate conservatives on it and Republicans will be able to influence it rather than it being fully controlled by Democrats. I think he is naïve to think this commission would be anything other than a partisan attempt to blame all Republicans for the January 6 riot, but he is not a traitor.

This is what a cult looks like. Hollingsworth votes with Trump the vast majority of the time, but because he cast one vote that “Drain The Swamp” disagrees with, and he is a “Communist” and a “traitor.” Not a moderate Republican or a squish, but a “Communist” and a “traitor.” When I see this kind of behavior, it makes me more determined than ever to vote for Hollingsworth in 2022.