Joe Biden smears and betrays the Border Patrol

Dear President Biden,

I am shocked and appalled at how you have treated your federal employees over the last week. When a Fake News narrative emerged, fraudulently accusing your Border Patrol agents of “whipping” migrants from Haiti, multiple people in your administration, including the Vice President, accepted the false narrative and openly lied about and falsely condemned those agents.

All your administration had to do was say “we will look into it” when asked about the fabricated “whipping” allegation. Instead, people in your administration and even your Vice President chose to editorialize about the Border Patrol and condemn the “inhumane” tactics to signal your virtue to your Leftist base. There was no attempt to actually gather the facts before you undermined and betrayed your own employees for doing the job that you commanded them to do.

What do you think this does to morale, Mr. President? Do you think we will see an exodus of qualified agents from the Border Patrol? Do you think they will be less likely to do their jobs effectively for fear that they will be smeared and lied about in the Fake News Media, with absolutely no support from the President who ordered them to secure the border – or worse, that their own President will betray them? Will you protect these employees if their private information is exposed and they are threatened in their own homes? Can they ever trust you again after your administration stabbed them in the back?

Mr. President, you are fully responsible for these lies. You are to blame. As the Chief Executive, the buck stops with you, and you need to harshly discipline your employees for these abominable lies and smears. You should also publicly rebuke your Vice President for her reckless and abusive language. Above all else, you should apologize to the Border Patrol for allowing these smears to spread unchecked, and reassure them that they have the full support of the White House. Anything less will prove you are unfit for office and should immediately resign.