A few thoughts on Columbus Day

We need to have clear eyes about the efforts to cancel Columbus Day and see the real agenda behind it. We also need to stop pretending that everything is black and white. Humanity is filled with people who are flawed and complex. People are capable of great things, and capable of the most base wickedness. We often see both from the same person, and Christopher Columbus is an example of that.

Christopher Columbus was obviously not a paragon of virtue. He was brutal against indigenous tribes, and his colonization set the stage for some very bad treatment of indigenous peoples. However, we should not pretend that the native tribes were not brutal toward each other, because they most certainly were. The savage brutality of the Aztec Empire, including human sacrifice, is well documented.

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Trump and the F word

First, the news media clutching their pearls over Donald Trump dropping the F-Bomb after they defended a president banging a White House intern reeks of hypocrisy. Bill Clinton degraded the Presidency with his actions much more than Trump did with his words.

With that said, Christians should not say this sort of thing does not matter. It does matter. Trump cannot even bring himself to behave professionally, much less be presidential. We need our President to lead by example. And please spare me the silly “at least he fights” meme. You can fight without being vulgar. I have watched Republican politicians do that for decades.

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Endless wars?

I’ve been skeptical of military intervention for 25 years now, especially when we have no clear national security interests. I came to oppose the war in Iraq in 2008.

Limited government also means restricting military intervention to where we have a vital national security interest or a direct threat to our people or allies. It also means that military force should be the last resort.

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Trump is right. We should not be afraid of COVID-19.

Donald Trump may have stirred outrage when he said we should not be afraid of COVID-19 and that we should not allow it to dominate our lives, but he is right.

Does this mean we should not take the virus seriously? Of course not. We should take the virus seriously. Personally speaking, I was wearing a mask in public places before it was mandatory.

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Theater vs. Mitigation

Obviously, we should take COVID-19 seriously. Pandemic mitigation is good policy, even for those who are not particularly vulnerable to the novel coronavirus. However, there is a difference between pandemic mitigation and pandemic theater. Telling people to wear a mask while outside is pandemic theater. This kind of overreaction causes people to not take the pandemic seriously, and we should take it seriously.

No, Donald Rainwater is not pro-life

The primary mission of the pro-life movement is to oppose abortion, and that is where the focus should be. While the total number of abortions per year has dropped significantly since the early 1990’s, there are still nearly one million abortions every single year. Here in Monroe County, the number of abortions has skyrocketed over the last few years.

But the pro-life movement does not only oppose abortion: We also oppose euthanasia. We oppose terminating innocent human life before its natural end. There is debate in the pro-life movement over what end-of-life care should be, but actively killing someone is over the line. That includes denying food and water to someone who cannot feed himself.

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The number that Trump must never stop pounding

Here are some stunning poll numbers from Gallup:

Gallup’s most recent survey found a clear majority of registered voters (56%) saying they are better off now than they were four years ago, while 32% said they are worse off.

Wow. If people actually voted based on this, Donald Trump would win the election in an unprecedented landslide. If Trump would just get out of his own way and stop turning people off with his toxic personality, he would win easily.