The silly “Russian asset” meme

There was an interesting point made on a Reason podcast, in a discussion of the 2016 Green Party candidate being a Russian asset:

Think about what it takes to go to the polls in 2016 when the opponent is Donald Trump and to vote for Jill Stein. You got to have a real big problem with Hillary Clinton to do that.

The names of Trump and Clinton could be reversed, and replace Stein with Darrell Castle.

First of all, watching Hillary Clinton spread conspiracy theories about how the Russians are “grooming” Tulsi Gabbard and how Stein is “absolutely” a Russian asset is just sad. As much fun as it is to ridicule the “Queen Of Warmongers” I actually feel sorry for her. She is obsessed with her loss in 2016 and cannot move on. I cringe looking at her display this level of bitterness. She needs to accept the loss and move on, for the sake of her own sanity.

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An obviously unconstitutional “law” in Connecticut

First, let’s state the obvious: Walking through a parking lot screaming obscenities and racial slurs is immoral, childish and stupid. It is not funny, and there is no legitimate reason to go out of your way to be offensive. With that said, the law against “ridicule” in Connecticut is obviously unconstitutional, and the men arrested for the “crime” of ridicule should be awarded an obscene amount of money by the courts.

The text of the law makes it illegal to hold up a class of people in specific protected categories to “ridicule” or contempt. Well, there goes any comedian who pokes fun at any group. If Eddie Murphy performed any part of his routine from the 1980’s mocking his own race, he would go to jail. Any pastor who warns against unbiblical practices of another denomination or even a cult could be subject to criminal penalties.

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The real reason the legacy media hates social media

The New York Times spills the beans about the real reason the legacy media hates social media…

Advertising revenue that used to go to quality journalism is now captured by big tech intermediaries… Advertising revenue for print newspapers has fallen by two-thirds since 2006.


Google and Facebook — global monopolies sitting astride public discourse, diverting money that used to go to publishers to themselves.

And, of course, there is some whining about the so-called “fairness doctrine” that also allowed competition – for both listeners and advertising dollars.

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A few thoughts about impeachment

Tulsi Gabbard made a really good point about impeachment. Some Democrats started talking about impeachment the minute Trump won the election. That chorus grew larger and larger as time went on. But the motivation for many of them wasn’t that there was credible evidence of criminal activity, it was that “Orange Man Bad.”

Gabbard correctly recognized that if the impeachment process is deemed as a partisan operation, then half the country will not go along with it. Even if one genuinely believes that the Ukraine situation involves impeachable offenses, there have been too many partisan calls for impeachment. “We’ll impeach first, and find a crime later.”

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Stop groveling before murderous Communists

I was a huge NBA fan in the 1990’s, and while I have not followed the league as closely over the last 18 years as I did then, I have casually followed the league. As a longtime NBA fan, I was shocked and appalled to see them grovel before a brutal Communist dictatorship that is known for forcefully harvesting organs of political prisoners. This is to say nothing of the millions killed by murderous psychopath Mao Zedong, who is still revered by the Communist government today – something akin to revering Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy or Ted Bundy.

So if I could ask the NBA a question, it would be this: What is wrong with you?

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Please oppose nanny state and big brother

This is an open letter to U.S. Senator Mike Braun, U.S. Senator Todd Young, and U.S. Representative Trey Hollingsworth.


I urge you to oppose legislation that would mandate that ignition interlock devices be installed in all automobiles. This regulation is not only a restriction on liberty, it is a backdoor tax increase on the American people, which will harm the American economy.

I fully support efforts to combat drunk driving. We have enhanced penalties for drunk drivers and we have educated people about the dangers of driving while impaired. We have directed law enforcement to more strictly monitor for drunk drivers. All of those are good things, and drunk driving fatalities are down dramatically from where they were 40 years ago. .

Because I strongly dislike the taste of alcohol, I am effectively a teetotaler. I have never driven after the very rare occasions when I have drank alcohol. Therefore, I strongly object to being treated like a criminal and being forced to prove I am not impaired every single time I get behind the wheel to go to work, go to shop, or drive my children to or from school. I resent the assumption that I am guilty until proven innocent, which is the foundational assumption of such a mandate.

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An honest mistake is not violence

Go watch this clip, and continue watching for two minutes. As soon as I saw this, I thought, “You have got to be kidding me. You cannot possibly this arrogant.”

So let me get this straight: It is violence to alter a transgender person’s name in any way, for even the most innocent reason, even if someone is trying to be respectful and use the person’s chosen name, and accidentally mispronounces it? Seriously?

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