Homelessness and Public Safety

It is nice to see the Chamber standing up. Better late than never.

From the article:

Another said: “Sometimes I have to escort customers to their car, because they’re afraid. They don’t like being hassled by people asking for money or are intimidated by someone yelling profanities at people passing by. And I know we lose a lot of business from people who tell me they don’t want to come to this part of town because it is ‘unsafe.'”

One business owner posed a question to the city. “What’s more important to you people? Keeping the homeless happy or keeping business open in the downtown area? We have more people wandering our properties, stealing packages, defecating on our property, masturbating in public places, scaring our clients and leaving needles.”

Source: The Herald-Times.

It is sad that the Mayor and the City Council are more concerned with being Politically Correct than with public safety.

You do not have the “right” to live in a tent, shoot up heroin and poop on the grass in a public park. Period.

Radical Leftists condemn nature

It has long been accepted medical science that breastfeeding is the most healthy option for a baby. Formula is fine, but breastfeeding is the superior choice.

In fact, obnoxious nanny state authoritarian Michael Bloomberg ordered hospitals in New York City to hide baby formula to encourage breastfeeding back in 2012. While it is fine to educate parents on the benefits of breastfeeding, this judgmental micromanaging of caring for infants was wholly inappropriate. For some families, formula is the better choice and for some a hybrid model is the best choice. Tyrants like Bloomberg have no business sticking their noses into such private choices.

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Important links on “Shaken Baby Syndrome”

I recently Tweeted about “shaken baby syndrome.” I got some pushback, and doubled down. Now I am going to triple down. Here are series of links on SBS:





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Joe Biden does not take sexual violence seriously

Rape is a very serious crime – a crime that the Bible says should be punished by death and actually was punishable by death in these United States as recently as the 1960’s. Other than murder, rape is the most severe possible violation of a person’s bodily integrity. This is why we should take allegations of rape seriously, and before punishing someone for that crime we should be sure he is actually guilty.

Joe Biden does not take rape seriously, as we saw with his promise to reinstate the Obama Administration’s guidance on sexual assault. Bowing to radical feminists, Obama demanded colleges and universities change their policies on sexual violence, threatening to cut federal funding if they did not make it easier to convict men of sexual crimes. So universities started using a “preponderance of the evidence” standard” and restricting men’s due process rights – sometimes not even allowing the accused to see evidence against them.

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Fabricating a tale of racial grievance

From the New York Times:

Less attention was paid three months later when a law firm hired by Smith College to investigate the episode found no persuasive evidence of bias. Ms. Kanoute was determined to have eaten in a deserted dorm that had been closed for the summer; the janitor had been encouraged to notify security if he saw unauthorized people there. The officer, like all campus police, was unarmed.


But they did not offer any public apology or amends to the workers whose lives were gravely disrupted by the student’s accusation.

Basically, the so-called “student” outright lied about what happened and fabricated a tale of racial grievance.

She should be expelled.

Keeping a sense of proportion in politics

One of the best things about listening to Rush Limbaugh in the 1990’s was Rush’s unbridled optimism – he was a “Happy Warrior.” His unique brand of commentary – mixing serious analysis with irreverent humor – made conservatism fun at a time when people thought of conservatives as dour and grumpy. Rush’s passing has reminded me of the need to keep the word “Happy” in our political battles.

It is very easy to be embittered in politics, especially once you have been doing it for a long time. When you are getting a lot of unfair and false attacks, that temptation becomes more intense. So you have to keep reminding yourself to chill out and relax.

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A fun memory

November 2018 – Tera the Beagle walked across the room and was slowly infringing on the spot where Nano was sleeping. I knew what was about to happen because it had already happened many times before over the previous 13 years: She was going to kick him off the blanket.

“Tera, no.”

She looks at me, then looks at Nano. She takes a step toward him.

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