Republicans must oppose Donald Trump’s abuse of power

Whataboutism does not serve the interests of conservatives in defending Donald Trump’s abuse of national emergency powers to build a border wall. Either we believe in the rule of law or we do not, and this is an abuse of the President’s authority.

Yes, it is true that we have had dozens of national emergencies by previous Presidents of both political parties, and those emergencies are still in effect. Yes, it is true that both Leftists and “Never Trump” conservatives loudly denouncing Trump now either supported, did not object to or sheepishly opposed national emergency abuses before. Some of the folks objecting the loudest need to get some perspective.

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Protecting people from telemarketers

Telemarketing is more out of control than ever, especially with criminal scammers trying to steal from unsuspecting people. There are policy reforms that need to happen.

First, we need to abolish the “do not call” list and replace it with a “do-call” list. The only way someone can be legally called is if they opt in to the list, and that opt-in must be renewed annually. Calling anyone not on the list would be a $10,000 fine on the first offense. The second offense should be a $25,000 fine, with each offense after that bringing a $100,000 fine. The fines would be paid to the person who gets the unwanted call, not the government. Let’s bankrupt these companies. They do not deserve to exist.

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Common sense safety precautions to protect women

Obviously, Kamala Harris is wrong in her attacks on Neomi Rao for warning women of the dangers of getting blackout drunk, especially the increased danger of rape. Encouraging women to be aware of their surroundings and avoid making themselves vulnerable to sexual predators is done out of concern for women’s safety, not out of hatred for women. This is especially true when a woman is issuing the warning.

With that said, it is easy for the “do not get blackout drunk” warning made in good faith and with good intentions to morph into “she is partly responsible” when a woman is attacked. Our society still does harbor many misconceptions and outright myths about rape, and we should not be na├»ve in dismissing the prevalence of victim blaming. We should not dismiss out of hand concerns about the cultural messages that could be enforced by educating women about safety precautions.

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Democrats are gaslighting on the food and beverage tax

The food and beverage tax was a fraud and a hoax from the very beginning. It was presented in dishonesty and passed with contempt for transparency and disrespect for constituents. Now Democrats are gaslighting constituents as they perform a bait and switch, using funds from the tax for a purpose other than what we were promised.

For years, we have been told we need a food and beverage tax to expand the convention center. The building is too small and we are missing out on economic opportunity, we have been told. An effort to pass the tax in 2013 failed, but these things never go away. The Left always keeps pushing for what they want, and they will not stop until they get it.

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What should be the consequence of decades-old misbehavior?

Virginia governor Ralph Northam had a photo on his yearbook page depicting a man in blackface next to another man in Ku Klux Klan robes. After the photo was revealed, many people called for him to resign as governor. But should he resign? If the photo is the only issue, the answer is no.

Note: I am specifically addressing a principle here. I am intentionally not addressing Northam’s hypocrisy on race issues or his deranged position on late-term abortions. I am not addressing Northam’s dishonesty in talking about the photo. I am only addressing the issue of the photo, in a vacuum.

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It is time for the Herald-Times to dump Facebook comments

The Herald-Times has a new owner and a new editor, and with that will come some changes. One of the changes that needs to be made is to the comments system. The Facebook comments experiment has failed, in large part due to the fact that the H-T has abandoned moderation of comments.

The Facebook comment section is slower and far less reliable than the native comment sections that existed from 2007 to 2016. Plus, one of the benefits of a subscription – the ability to comment on stories – is gone. Now anyone can comment whether he is a subscriber or not, and paying customers who do not have a Facebook account are locked out of commenting. This was an unjustified loss of value for paying customers when the system was launched in 2017.

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Judicial oligarchy fabricating a brand new Constitution

It is critically important that we have good judges, and that is the most important issue for conservatives at the federal level at this point. An example of how important pro-life judges are can be seen in a rather hysterical article at Slate. A Texas law that strictly regulated abortion “clinics” was struck down, and now a similar Louisiana law is under attack.

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Police brutality and excessive force

In Georgia, a SWAT team raided a home where a suspect was thought to be. He was not there, and neither were any drugs, yet the heavily armed team staged a commando raid anyway. The raid gained international attention when a flash bang grenade was tossed into a baby’s crib and detonated, severely burning and maiming the baby. This is just one of many outrages, including a 92-year-old woman named Kathryn Johnston gunned down in her own home by police on the word of an informant.

If that outrages you, then you ought to be outraged by the obscene tactics used to arrest Roger Stone. The FBI sent its tactical response team with over a dozen agents wielding M4 rifles along with armored vehicles to arrest a 66 year old man who never posed any threat of violence to them or the general public. If you are cheering and laughing because an associate of President Trump was hauled in with such a ridiculous show of force, then you do not care about police militarization, excessive force, or police brutality.

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