Of course we should know about vaccine side effects

When I got the second shot of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine on April 27, I had a bad reaction to it. I woke up at 2:30 am the next day and was sick for the next 24 hours with a high fever, body aches, nausea and severe fatigue. I was finally feeling better by Thursday morning. I would still recommend getting the vaccine despite my experience with it, as the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. But some people are opposed to the news media telling people about vaccine side effects at all. This is counterproductive and deeply immoral.

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Free speech and the cursing cheerleader

It is unfortunate that a cheerleader’s obscene rant on Snapchat is the case where online speech is tested instead of something substantive, but it is also true that the most obnoxious speech is what tests our commitment to free speech. A 14 year old girl was unhappy that she was passed up for a promotion and used the F word a bunch of times in a “snap” to friends. The school then suspended her from cheerleading.

But whatever you think of her rant, the school should not be legally allowed to punish the “cursing cheerleader.” The reason is it sets a dangerous precedent: If given the authority to punish off-campus speech, can the schools be trusted to not expand that to punishing political, social or religious opinions that the administration does not like? I think the answer is a clear “no.”

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A bad argument for duplexes

There are good arguments to be made for allowing duplexes in neighborhoods zoned for single family use. Climate change is not one of them.

If the city of Bloomington, Indiana poured all of its energy into fighting climate change, we could not change the temperature by one billionth of one percent of one degree. A single small city in the Midwest cannot do that.

Citing “climate change” as an argument for duplexes is virtue signaling, not serious public policy.

An uncomfortable truth about George Floyd’s life and death

Millions of people were horrified to see George Floyd pinned under Derek Chauvin’s knee for nine minutes. Excessive force by police is not something that should ever happen. But is police brutality the only lesson we need to learn here? Is there something else we should learn?

Floyd was headed to a bad end because of the life he was leading. Had Chauvin not been at the scene and another officer taken Floyd into custody properly, Floyd might still not be alive today. Fentanyl in his system did contribute to his death. Given how unpredictable fentanyl can be and how low levels of the drug can be toxic, Floyd may well have died within the last year had he survived the events of May 25, 2020.

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“All Options” should not get corporate welfare

On All Options Pregnancy Resource Center’s Facebook Page, they posted a picture with the text “Let’s fund some abortions!” They celebrate with glee as they pay to have babies killed.

It is one thing to believe that women need access to abortion and that financial help should be provided to women in need. But the focus of that image was not on helping women, but funding abortion itself. This indicates not an enthusiasm for charity, but a disturbing bloodlust. It was a shocking image, but what is more disturbing is that they back up their words with blood money.

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The cult mentality surrounding masks, revisited

Please do not act like this, because this is what a cult looks like.

News story here from Summit News.

For the nonillionth time, I am pro-mask. I was wearing a mask indoors in public before it was mandatory. I am not for treating a mask like religious iconography.

But do we really need to remind people to not harass people who have a legitimate medical exemption from mask mandates? How about this: Do not harass anyone.

But this will continue, because mask fanaticism is a cult. The Cult of Masks cannot abide people not following the Holy Commandments of their religion.