How do we deal with white supremacists?

The mass murder in New Zealand was horrific for many reasons, including that the shooter live-streamed his massacre in a desperate bid for internet fame. (I will not name him, or link to his manifesto, because this massacre was designed to make him famous.) We cannot dismiss the danger of white supremacist terrorists. But on broader level, how do we deal with white supremacists? How do we recognize potential terrorists and prevent terrorist attacks here in the USA?

The mass murderer should be executed. It is a great tragedy that he will not be. You cannot find a crime more worthy of death than this one, though you will find plenty that are equally evil. This is the perfect example of someone who deserves to be executed. We should stop moving away from the death penalty, to make it clear that those who kill innocents will have justice poured out upon them.

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A 2020 primary challenge?

From the Facebook page:

A primary challenge against Donald Trump is a very bad idea. If you come against Trump from the center, you will get destroyed. The only hope you have is coming at him from the right. Then, one of three things happens:

  1. You get crushed, discrediting conservatism within the GOP and possibly moving Trump to the left.
  2. You lose, but come close enough to damage Trump, causing him to lose the general election.
  3. You win, but the party is now so divided that you lose the general election.

All of these outcomes are very bad. This is a no-win scenario.

Trying to look erudite?

I’m not trying to look erudite when I use “grey” instead of “gray” on this blog or social media. I have always been a bad speller, and neither word gets flagged by my spell check. The proper spelling in the USA uses the A, so I need to use that from now on. I can’t promise I will not make that error in the future, but I will try.

“All or nothing” is simplistic and intellectually lazy

The world is not black and white. There are shades of grey. Interestingly enough, it is Leftists who often fail to recognize that, adopting an all or nothing stance: Either you are with us or you are against us. If a Republican criticizes a Republican elected official or candidate he supports, that is an example of hypocrisy. It is boring and tiresome, in addition to being simplistic and intellectually lazy.

I have repeatedly condemned the “all or nothing” mentality of some on the Right, where they demand total loyalty to President Donald Trump, and declare those who are not totally loyal to be “enemies.” But this mentality is just as common on the Left.

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Voting age

No, we should not lower the voting age.

16 year olds don’t have the life experience and brain development to be adults, which is why the age of majority is 18.

The voting age was lowered to 18 because they could be drafted to fight in a war. No such justification exists for high school sophomores.

Abolishing township boards is foolish

If the Indiana state legislature thinks that abolishing township boards will improve transparency and accountability in township government, they are wrong. It would make things worse. The county council does have oversight now, as does the state board of accounts, so by eliminating township boards the state legislature would actually be removing a level of oversight.

In Monroe County alone: There is simply no way that a seven-member county council will provide the same oversight of the 11 trustees as 33 township board members. If there are problems with what the trustee is doing, less oversight will make it worse, not better. The council already has a lot of work to do, as does the county auditor. Adding increased oversight of township government finances to the existing duties of the auditor and council will make it less likely that abuse will be caught, not more likely.

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A radical, economy-destroying extension of liability

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez needs to understand how liability works. Her line of questioning directed at Wells-Fargo over the Dakota Access pipeline represents dangerous ignorance. A bank that financed the pipeline should be responsible for a leak in a pipeline they do not operate? Really?

Blaming banks for every downstream result of what people do with money lent to them is an incredibly dangerous precedent. If banks are legally responsible with what people do with the money lent to them, then they will not lend anyone any money at all. There is no logical difference between holding a bank responsible for an oil pipeline leak and holding a bank responsible for drunk drivers who financed the purchase of their cars. What about people who use their cars to commit crimes? Should the bank be liable for that?

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Random thoughts of the day

♣ – There is no such thing as sex slavery. The fact that term exists is offensive. The correct term is rape slavery. None of these slaves are having “sex.” They are being raped.

♣ – Can we please stop with the idiotic meme that we cannot speak ill of the dead? This one is easy, and I realize I am proving Godwin’s Law here, but Adolf Hitler is dead. Most Nazi war criminals are dead. Should we not condemn the Holocaust? Because that is really stupid.

♣ – Charter schools should not get referendum tax dollars. Voters approved a referendum in 2010 and 2016, they voted for money to go to MCCSC, not another school. (I voted no both times.) For the legislature to vote after the fact and change the distribution that voters approved is simply wrong. Let’s not pull a bait and switch on voters.

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