Hatred of Donald Trump creates an illogical blame game

According to The Bulwark, Donald Trump is to blame for a primary challenge against an incumbent Republican congressman who officiated at a same sex wedding. But it does not make sense to label this “another lesson in Trump-era GOP cruelty,” because that does not match Trump’s unique position in the party. It certainly does not match up with the political history of the Republican Party.

It makes no sense to blame Donald Trump for this “cruelty,” because he is by far the most pro-LGBT Republican President ever. Back in 1999, Trump supported civil unions, which provides many of the same legal benefits as marriage and would have been unthinkable for a Republican at the time. Trump won the Republican party nomination seventeen years later despite this stance. The Bulwark knows better than this.

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The death of parody and satire

When President Trump shared a video mocking CNN for their coverage of him, Twitter put a warning under Trump’s tweet advising readers it was “manipulated media.” CNN confirmed that the video was fake. Even The Dispatch got in on the action with a “fact check” post and newsletter.

This is astonishing.

Obviously, the next great scandal that must be uncovered by our brave journalists is to fully investigate Saturday Night Live. Do you have any idea how much fake news that show produces? We have been misled for decades by the lies broadcast into our homes by this terrible program! Did you know that George H. W. Bush was not actually on the program? It was actually actor Dana Carvey pretending to be Bush! Also, Chris Farley was actually not a motivational speaker who was living in a van down by the river!

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Having the right attitude about wearing masks

I see a lot of resistance in my social media feed to wearing masks and much of it is disappointing. People who do not want to wear a mask indoors in public should find a better argument. Specifically, you need to find a better argument if your reasoning for not wearing a mask consists of “You can’t tell me what to do! I do what I want!” Being stubborn is not a principled reason for disobeying a reasonable request.

If anything, that is a reason why you should be wearing a mask. We live in a time where we hate authority. The disrespect and contempt for our civic leaders, especially from Christians, has been a bad example in this pandemic. Romans 13 does not mean that we should blindly submit to every single thing those in authority demand of us, because there are times when we must respectfully say “no.”

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An unfair attack on Democrats by other Democrats

One thing we should be aware of in local politics is that national trends do not always apply to a particular locality, and that things that were true elsewhere are not necessarily true for a particular locality. We should also remember that things that happened 60 years earlier are not necessarily the same as things happening today. Even if the policy is the same, the motivation for that policy may be different.

This, of course, brings me to a guest column by former Bloomington City Council member Chris Sturbaum. I rarely agree with Sturbaum, but this was a very good column providing important historical context to the zoning laws we have today. With that said, three things can be true at once:

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When snowflakes run our institutions

Many people – myself included – predicted when college snowflakes got into the real world they would not be able to cry about being offended and then have diversity police show up to protect them and provide a “safe space.” As it turns out, those snowflakes have taken over institutions like the New York Times. This has serious negative implications for journalism, trust in our institutions, an informed population and a culture of free speech.

The idea that the mere act of publishing a guest editorial written by a United States senator about using the military to quell riots threatens the lives or physical safety of New York Times staffers is utterly absurd. There was not one single member of the military deployed by Senator Tom Cotton’s editorial, or even so much as a twitch of a finger of excess force employed by printing the editorial. Cotton laid out the legal and policy justification for deploying the military to save lives and protect property.

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More dishonesty in the Farmer’s Market debate

While I disagree with the calls to ban Schooner Creek Farm from the Farmer’s Market, I understand the concerns of some of the people calling for them to be banned. However, I cannot respect those who are dishonest in their “arguments” for banning a family from peacefully selling vegetables.

First, the Herald-Times violated its own “standards” in publishing the guest editorial by the National Organization for Women. The owners of SCF deny they are white supremacists, but the H-T has repeatedly described them as white supremacists anyway. But the NOW editorial went much further in describing them as “neo-Nazis.” This is not only a breach of journalistic ethics, it violates the “standards” that the H-T has repeatedly laid out for guest columns and letters to the editor.

SCF owners are not “neo-Nazis” and there is not one shred of evidence that they have sympathy for Nazis. That editorial should not have been printed with that description intact.

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“Silence is Violence” is a cult

One of the most totalitarian memes on the Left is “silence is violence” – the notion that if you do not speak out in support of the cause of the day you are actively engaged in oppression of the marginalized. This is a cult mentality that must be totally rejected.

Let’s be clear: Silence is not violence. Silence is silence. There are many reasons someone may choose not to speak up about something. It might be related to employment or family, or a person may just be someone who does not like to speak publicly. None of these things are an indication of hostility. Demanding that someone affirm your beliefs is how a cult operates.

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The total lack of charity in our politics

There is a deep rot in our politics and in our culture, and I am not sure our country can survive it. Far too many of us are so morally cocksure that we not only cannot see that someone who disagrees with us may have a legitimate perspective, but even those who agree with us are morally tainted if they are not 100% totally all in with “the cause.” We badly need to get some perspective.

In response to the nationwide riots that followed the killing of George Floyd, a friend of mine posted on Facebook about the dangers of firebombing a business. Someone could be inside and be harmed or killed by the fire, or someone in a neighboring building could be hurt or killed if the fire spreads. A comment on his post: “I get it, property is more important to you than black lives.”

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