It is time for Republicans to reject Trumpism

There are good things that have come from Donald Trump’s influence over the Republican Party. Republicans have been more willing to fight for conservative policy, and Trump himself implemented conservative policy as President. Trumpism is more of an attitude than a philosophy: A determination to be more combative, more confrontational and less willing to back down. But that has also brought with it bad things: Primarily, the tendency of Trumpism to place confrontation over principle.

For one example, see Donald Trump’s absurd claim that Stacey Abrams would be a better choice as governor of Georgia than the incumbent Republican. What in the world is Trump thinking?

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Christians should not divide over COVID-19

COVID-19 has exposed deep cultural rifts in our country. These rifts preceded the virus hitting our shores, but those rifts have gotten wider and deeper as people become increasingly agitated about the impact the disease is having on our lives. The saddest thing about this, by far, is how it has divided the Church and pitted Christians against each other. (By “the Church,” I mean all denominations: The universal church.)

We see this division in the viral editorial by Lutheran pastor Keith Marshall, speaking of how faith in Christ gives him liberty to put others above himself, which is why he has been vaccinated. (I cannot find a link to the column, but search his name and the word column and you will see images.) Marshall makes reasonable points from Scripture… until he goes off the rails at the very end with the claim that using Christian faith as a reason for refusing the vaccine is taking the Lord’s name in vain and is therefore a sin.

No. Stop this.

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Erasing men and women kills diversity

Radical transgenderism seeks to destroy the diversity of male and female in favor of making men and women into a bland androgynous blob. This is primarily the result of rebellion against God and what He created. God does not create “persons.” He creates boys and girls who grow up to be men and women.

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Nicki Minaj, COVID-19 and the news media

I am a fan of George Strait and his music. I think he is arguably the best country music singer of the last 40 years. Absent evidence of medical qualifications, however, I would not take medical advice from him. The same goes for any number of artists, bands and duos. Having a good voice, a catchy tune or memorable lyrics does not make one a medical professional.

This, of course, brings me to Nicki Minaj and her claim that her cousin’s friend had swollen testicles after taking one of the COVID-19 vaccines. Now, there have been documented side effects, including inflammation of the heart muscle. I personally was sick for about 24 hours with a high fever, body aches and nausea after I got my second shot in late April. I assume this was from my body preparing to go to war with an invading virus, so I took some comfort that the vaccine was working.

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Re-establishing the cultural value of free speech

We have good legal protection for free speech – meaning that government cannot legally restrict the content of our speech. The government cannot legally punish or discriminate against us for speech bureaucrats or elected officials dislike. But while we are free from government sponsored censorship, cultural discrimination is common, and far too many people have been fired from their jobs because of things they said – often things that are stupid and even offensive, but should not be grounds for upending someone’s life.

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Joe Biden smears and betrays the Border Patrol

Dear President Biden,

I am shocked and appalled at how you have treated your federal employees over the last week. When a Fake News narrative emerged, fraudulently accusing your Border Patrol agents of “whipping” migrants from Haiti, multiple people in your administration, including the Vice President, accepted the false narrative and openly lied about and falsely condemned those agents.

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Disagreement is not treason, Trumpers!

There are many legitimate ways to criticize an elected official’s performance. Whether it is voting for bad legislation or the administration of an office, there are many reasons to argue someone should be removed from office. But there is a big difference between removing someone from office and calling for that person’s death. That is the line that a very “Trumpy” U.S. Senate candidate in Ohio crossed.

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