This has never been lives against the stock market

When people argue for opening up the economy, the predictable boring response is “You don’t care if old people die. You want to kill Grandma!”

But the Washington Post points out that the economic losses from “stay at home” orders could kill millions of people:

And as incomes are lost, a “hunger pandemic” could eclipse the coronavirus, the World Food Program has warned; 130 million people are expected to join the ranks of the 135 million who were expected to suffer from acute hunger this year, the agency says, bringing to 265 million the number of those at risk of starvation.

This has never been lives against the stock market. It has always been lives against lives. Everyone knows this, so knock it off with the hateful rhetoric demonizing those who disagree with you.

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Even war has rules. Politics should too.

David French is correct when he writes that “virtuous ends do not justify vicious means.” We can and should be restrained in our rhetoric and not be personally attacking people we disagree with and trying to ruin our lives. This is especially important for professing Christians.

Now, here is an important caveat: We often make the mistake of thinking civility means not speaking truth. Of course we should say liars are liars, we should say thieves are thieves, and we should point out bad motives and corruption when we see it. But speaking truth and being hateful are two different things. There are examples all through Scripture – including the New Testament – of God and His servants speaking harshly. We can fight and fight hard without being nasty.

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The unfair copyright process at YouTube

I have heard a lot about the copyright claims process at YouTube. There are a lot of people who make their money from YouTube videos, and taking away monetization of their videos is a deep financial hit for them. I do not think people realize how grossly unfair the process is unless you have uploaded content that has been unfairly claimed. In researching this, I discovered that a comedy review site called “The Cinema Snob” actually had a copyright strike on its account for two people in a car discussing a movie they had seen, without using any footage from the movie itself – which can be done under fair use.

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Applying the Bill Clinton standard to Michael Flynn

The Democratic Party establishment and the liberal news media wants one standard for Democrats and a totally different standard for Republicans. This can be clearly seen in the treatment of General Michael Flynn and the efforts to bring him down despite having committed no crime.

Michael Flynn was the incoming national security advisor for the Trump Administration when he was “interviewed” by the FBI over a meeting with a Russian official. The pretense of the meeting was the Logan Act, which makes it illegal for American citizens to conduct their own foreign policy. There are serious constitutional questions about the constitutionality of the Logan Act, because even tweeting at the official account of a foreign embassy could be illegal.

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Joe Biden demands rights he would deny to college students

Joe Biden does not take sexual assault seriously. He sees allegations of sexual assault as a political tool against his enemies or as a means to appease radical feminists in his base. Biden does not care about actual victims and he certainly does not care about justice. He is the ultimate hypocrite.

When Biden was Vice President, his administration issued a “dear colleague” letter demanding that colleges receiving federal funds strip due process from men accused of sexual misconduct. The evidentiary standard for accusations was lowered and the process was turned into a joke – a “hearing” designed to get a conviction instead of finding out the facts.

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A fishing expedition and a hostile work environment

Note: I submitted this letter to the editor on May 11.

It is strange that Indianapolis Monthly is digging up a six month old controversy on an IU professor’s tweets. What exactly is the agenda here?

This was explained before, but it deserves to be explained again: Eric Rasmusen is an intellectual. He reads a lot, and he quoted an article someone else wrote. This is boringly normal on social media and was boringly normal for over twenty years before that on blogs and forums – people pick out a quote from an article and share it. It is almost as if people are just discovering how the Internet works. The outrage against Rasmusen is wildly disproportionate to quoting and linking to an article on his Twitter profile.

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Righteous Lot?

I’ve always chafed against II Peter 2:7-8.

Lot was righteous? The man who offered his daughters to a mob to be gang raped? The man who moved into that wicked city to begin with, knowing its reputation? This is something that is scandalous to many, myself included. But the Apostle Peter wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that Lot was righteous, so it has to be true.

Make a choice

It has to be one or the other.

Isn’t it funny how all of the Leftists demanding that Michael Flynn be prosecuted because he “lied” to the FBI were defending Bill Clinton when he lied under oath in a court of law?

Well, which is it? Is lying a crime, or not? Is lying to an FBI agent worse than perjury? You don’t get to have it both ways.

Source: Facebook.

You do not have a “right” to tax money

The case before the Supreme Court over federal funding for fighting AIDS is a perfect example of how we have a warped understanding of “rights” in this nation.

First, let’s establish what true rights are: Something that requires restraint by the government and does not require anything of anyone else. No one has to spend a penny for me to have the right to free speech, the right to be secure against unreasonable searches, or the right to not be deprived of my liberty or property without due process. If the thing I want requires someone else pay for it, then it is not a right.

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