Stop mutilating the law for political ends

If you want to argue for protections for homosexual and transgender employees from discrimination as a matter of policy, fine, make that case. But to argue that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 makes such discrimination illegal is patently absurd.

First: The law was passed in 1964, and you have to take the original intent into account. There is no way Congress intended to make discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) illegal in 1964. Sodomy was a criminal offense in every state in the nation, with Illinois the only exception.

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Proven wrong, Leftists double down on lies

“This is how you got Trump.” That is a lesson the radical Left needs to learn, because the lies they spew about conservatives are what pushed so many Republicans to pick the nastiest guy in the 2016 field. That radical Leftists are waging a culture war is what pushed millions to pick a culture warrior who will not hesitate to fight back, even when he is punching way below his weight class.

I addressed assuming bad motives and rank dishonesty by radical Leftists last week, but the topic deserves to be revisited as I refute another flagrant lie that has been spread about me. In response to my comment on gun death statistics, one particularly nasty Leftist screeched in Herald-Times comments that I “couldn’t care less about life and death just births.”

Yes, that’s why I never write about life and death issues other than abortion. Oh, wait. That is not true at all, which you can see by my many letters in the Herald-Times on criminal justice reform, prisoner rights, police brutality and due process. See here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here. Of course, she knows all of this. She is just a brazen liar. Naturally, she doubled down on her lies even after she was proven wrong beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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“Cancel Culture” and MAD

I am not excusing the Right embracing “cancel culture” to take out enemies on the Left (as we have seen with conservatives digging up old tweets by journalists who have been critical of President Trump) but human nature is what it is. You cannot expect the Right to not use the Left’s tactics against them. When you raise the black flag, the other side tends to do the same. As Ben Shapiro explained, Truth Revolt was just such a campaign.

The best option is for everyone to chill out. Stop digging up decades-old tweets, blog comments and so forth to bash people over the head with now, and ruin their careers. However, that is not going to happen, and everyone knows it. So the only way forward is for everyone else (especially big corporations) to stop giving in to the outrage mob. Every time a corporation, school district, non-profit organization or whatever else gives the mob what they want and sacks someone for something that happened decades ago, it only encourages the mob to attack more.

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This is why we can’t have nice things

I was recently called a “hypocrit” (sic) in Herald-Times comments for pointing out that citing the total number of gun deaths is misleading, since the debate is about preventing bad people from harming others and most gun deaths are the result of suicide. (This does not mean we should not work to reduce suicides, of course.) Furthermore,the focus of gun control right now is so-called “assault weapons,” but so-called “assault rifles” make up a tiny percentage of all gun homicide. More people are killed with knives than rifles.

It is worth a response here because it is worth pointing out the fallacies that too often litter our political discourse. Other portions of the comment:

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The idolatry of “Always Trump”

I did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016, but I am planning on voting for him in 2020. I have walked in the Fourth of July Parade the last two years in my MAGA hat, in a liberal college town. In fact, I was the only one in the GOP parade entry with a MAGA hat. I say this to provide context for what I will say below.

What has been disappointing to me over the last four years is an “all or nothing” mentality surrounding Trump. I addressed those who have a hard line “never Trump” mentality last week. The “always Trump” mentality is just as bad. We need nuance and perspective on the “never Trump” side, and the “always Trump” side needs it too. I do not care if secular Republicans adopt this mentality, but Christians must reject it.

Trump has removed funding for Planned Parenthood, protected religious liberty, and reversed Obama’s anti-Constitutional attack on due process for men accused of sexual misconduct. While he has brought in bad people to work in his administration, he has also surrounded himself with good people, starting with Mike Pence. They have clearly influenced Trump in a very positive direction.

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Random Thoughts of the Day

I have often been a critic of law enforcement overreach, and I believe “sobriety checkpoints” should be banned. With that said, I think it is reasonable for police officers to pull over a vehicle registered to someone with a suspended driver’s license. Police have long had the right to question or detain someone if there is probable cause, and this is probable cause. Would it possibly be inconvenient for an innocent person to be pulled over? Sure, but it is not a violation of his/her rights.

The Bulwark is hoping that Milo Yiannopoulos’ financial troubles is a sign that trolling is not a good strategy for a political pundit, but I think they are too optimistic. Yiannopoulos was a rising star on the right, was invited to speak at colleges around the nation, and had been scheduled to be a featured speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference. What brought him down was not being a troll, but the fact that he defended pederasty on a podcast. There are plenty of people who have made themselves famous by trolling. Like it or not, that is the reality of politics right now.

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Nobody wants “endless war.”

On Twitter, a blue-check Trump supporter claimed that neoconservatives objected to a summit with the Taliban because they are “really mad he is trying to end the war” in Afghanistan.

Of course, this is an absurd oversimplification of the debate, and a dishonest representation of neocons. There are solid policy reasons to stay in Afghanistan, such as keeping al-Qaida from re-establishing a base to attack us or cause further chaos in the Middle East. Furthermore, we have occupied Afghanistan for a far shorter time than we occupied Germany and Japan after World War II.

I have seen more and more conservatives embracing the Leftist meme that neoconservatives “want” war, especially in support of Donald Trump’s foreign policy. This is absurd. No one “wants” war. The debate is over what wars are necessary, and which are not. The debate is over what the goals should be, how far we need to go and how long we should commit to armed conflict to accomplish those goals and protect the homeland from Muslim terrorists. Nobody desires perpetual war in Afghanistan.

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An unconstitutional nanny-state overreach

This is an open letter to President Donald Trump.

Dear Mr. President,

I was dismayed when I read that you would be moving to ban flavored liquids used in electronic cigarettes, and I strongly urge you to reconsider this decision that again expands the power of the federal government and actually damages public health.

Before we even get into the policy merits, the President has absolutely no authority under the Constitution to ban flavored “vaping” cartridges. If it is a constitutional action at all, it should be handled by Congress, not the President. This is one more area where the executive branch has overstepped its authority that is rightfully belongs to the legislative branch, and Congress needs to forcefully re-assert its authority. I urge you to “Make America Great Again” by willingly giving this legislative authority back to the legislative branch.

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