No, Bush did not “lie” about WMD in Iraq

I was not surprised to see the “Bush lied, people died” meme pop up on my social media feed again a couple weeks ago, but I was surprised to see a conservative former Bush voter (and Trump supporter) promoting it. So the question should be examined again: Did George W. Bush “lie” about weapons of mass destruction in order to pull this nation into war with Iraq? The simple answer is “no, he did not.”

If he “lied” then there has to be a motive for those lies. Was it to enrich Halliburton or other defense contractors? Was it to get revenge for the attempted assassination of his father? Why would Bush plunge us into war if he knows that the claims he was making about the war were not correct?

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The cult of COVID-19 declares me a heretic

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I defended the economic lockdowns on a temporary basis. There was a lot we did not know about the pandemic, and it was wise to shut things down to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed. I was wearing a mask indoors in public places before it was mandatory, and I have defended the mask mandate. Many of my conservative friends were strongly opposed to both.

Contrary to a fraudulent comment on my letter to the editor, I never once said “Govenrment (sic) is bad but it’s my right to act irresponsibly.” I defended pandemic mitigation policy, so suggesting I oppose it because I disagree with one specific policy is shamefully dishonest. Furthermore, what facts in my letter were wrong? Point to specific claims, and cite sources that prove what I said was factually wrong.

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Punishing children for the sake of Political Correctness

If you want to know whether some Leftists are interested in helping people or forcing their beliefs on others, look at the fact that a Roman Catholic charity is no longer allowed to place children in foster homes. The charity’s sin? They will not place children with same-sex couples.

I warned in a guest column in 2014 that same-sex marriage and religious liberty were on a collision course. We were already seeing that happen, and it has gotten worse since then. We will continue to see more encroachments on religious liberty, especially in social services.

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Video game memories: Diddy Kong Racing

Every Nintendo 64 owner remembers Mario Kart 64, and that game set the stage for multiple sequels across multiple home consoles and hand-held consoles. Mario Kart was a good game on the Super NES, but it was with Mario Kart 64 that the series really blossomed. But that game was not actually the best racing game on the Nintendo 64. That would be Diddy Kong Racing, which was released less than a year later.

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More from the cult of COVID-19

I was told in a (now deleted) comment on this post that I belong “in the gutter” for what I said there, criticizing a local bar for mandating people wear masks outside the establishment. The sign even includes an implied threat to tattle to the university so that students could be expelled.

Yes, despite that I have said many, many, many times that I support the statewide mask mandate, and despite the fact that I was personally wearing a mask indoors in public places two months before it was mandated, I belong “in the gutter” because I do not agree with this particular bit of non-scientific virtue signaling.

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Mayor Hamilton’s attack on the First Amendment must end

Printed in the Herald-Times, November 11, 2020

To the Editor:

After an August party where IU students broke the county health department’s gathering limits, Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton imposed a draconian 15 person limit on private gatherings. There are no signs that this “emergency” order will be lifted.

Mayor Hamilton’s order was imposed after video of a large party was posted on social media. But if Hamilton was legitimately worried about students and not reacting to social media outrage, why was this order not put in place on August 1, when most leases started? This looks more like pandemic theater than pandemic mitigation.

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