The savage brutality of prison life

One of the most horrifying things I have ever seen in a movie is when a sex trafficker is sent to prison, it is heavily implied that he is being raped as Charles Bronson walks away laughing. After thirty years, I still remember that scene. What makes it horrifying is not that such a thing would be depicted in fiction, but that many people feel the same way in real life that Bronson’s character felt at the end of that movie. These predators are just “getting what they deserve,” right?

We do not care about the basic human rights of people in our prisons. For us, it is out of sight, and out of mind. Many people giggle with glee at the thought of someone who molested children “getting his” once he gets to prison. This, of course, means being the prison bitch and getting repeatedly anally raped. If the convicted child molester did not actually abuse any children (as in the case of Bernard Baran) then, well, you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs. What are you, some kind of thug hugger?

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Quick thought on Proverbs 7

I don’t think you can separate King Solomon’s warning about strange women in Proverbs 7 from the worst sin of his father’s life – adultery followed by murder to cover it up. I am sure Solomon knew well the danger that brings.

Which is why it is all the more sad that it was Solomon’s wives that led to his own downfall when they enticed him to worship demons.

The inevitable result of ObamaCare

Politicians and bureaucrats are not doctors, and we do not want them micromanaging our heath care. The best people to manage patient care is a doctor who works directly with the patient, not a U.S. Senator from New York. The reality is that prescription medicine is not the cause of the epidemic of opioid abuse, and punishing people with chronic pain will do nothing to fight illegal drugs.

See here and here and here and here for more.

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Obviously God wants our leaders to be of good moral character

If you use King David as an example of why personal morality does not matter in a nation’s leader, you are spreading heresy and you need to repent.

God severely judged David for his sin. David’s newborn died as a judgment from God. Later, David was overthrown and forced to flee Jerusalem by his own son Absalom, who then had sex with David’s wives and concubines on the roof of David’s own palace. David was humiliated, and pleaded with God for forgiveness.

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Let’s be clear about what “whataboutism” means

Since I was accused of “whataboutism” in the comments for my letter to the editor, it is useful to examine what “whataboutism” actually is. My letter was not whataboutism.

Whataboutism is an attempt to justify an action by someone you support by pointing to a political opponent who did the same thing. The point is to sidetrack the discussion by charging hypocrisy instead of addressing the argument. I was not defending Donald Trump’s national emergency. I was opposed to it and argued in favor of Congress voting to nullify it. Therefore, I could not have been engaged in whataboutism.

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How do I open this can?

Coffee cans are so much easier to open now than they were 20 years ago. You just peel off the top, and no can opener is needed.

I remember when I was a freshman in college and I purchased a can of coffee. I realized I should have also purchased a can opener while I was at the store, because I did not have one.

I did, however, have a claw hammer…

Jerry Falwell Jr. continues to clown himself

In an absurd Twitter post, Jerry Falwell Jr. leaped to the defense of Donald Trump, whining:

“You nuts attacking @realDonaldTrump for securing the border need to show me where Jesus told Caesar how to run Rome.”

Really? If Falwell was a proponent of a branch of Radical Two Kingdom theology that told Christians not to involve themselves in public policy or politics, then I could respect his argument. This is clearly not the case. Falwell is opposed to legalized abortion and government recognizing same-sex marriage, and he supports gun rights. His father founded the Moral Majority, which was a major force in Republican politics in the 1980’s. Falwell clearly does not believe the principle he outlined in his Tweet. He is a hypocrite and a liar.

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Video game memories: Lemmings

I have never actually played the PC game Lemmings, but I have a funny story about it anyway. Way back in the day, when I was in high school, I was in the break room at work. (I was a bagger for a now-defunct grocery chain.)

One of my fellow employees was teasing a front end manager about killing Lemmings. Her response: “They remind me of the baggers. Let them die!”

Now wait just a minute here!

We all had a good laugh, and it was all in good fun.