Richard Lugar, RIP

I had my disagreements with Richard Lugar, but he was extremely knowledgeable about foreign policy. He was instrumental in securing nuclear weapons when the former Soviet Union collapsed. Had he not done that, it is possible that those weapons would have fallen into the hands of very bad people, with disastrous consequences. The world should forever be grateful to Lugar for this achievement.

Politics is nothing but compromise

I have been very critical of the Right for how they deal with Donald Trump, adopting an “all or nothing” mentality that is often disconnected from reality. With that established, we should not let the Left off the hook with this “all or nothing” mentality. If a conservative has some disagreement with Trump on policy or criticizes his character, then that conservative is compromised and a hypocrite, and is a moral degenerate for supporting him. This is an absurd exaggeration.

Let’s be clear: I have never in my life ever voted for someone I did not have some disagreements with, and neither has anyone else. Why? Because that is how politics works. Even when I voted for myself in 2006, 2015 and 2018, I agreed with all of the policy positions I advocated (obviously) but I know I fall short as a person in terms of personal character. (We all do, obviously.) So even when voting for the one person I agree with on policy 100% of the time, I am still voting for someone I know falls short of the best standard of good behavior.

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WordPress folders

WordPress comments has four folders: Pending, Approved, Spam and Trash. Only “approved” comments show up on the blog. Some comments get posted automatically, especially if the user has had a previously approved comment.

Some comments require me to approve them, so they are in the “pending” folder, and some comments are flagged by WordPress as “spam” and go there.

Comments by banned users (you know who you are) go directly to the “trash” folder before I ever see them. Much like the “spam” folder in e-mail (where “junk mail” and some legitimate mail goes) I can and do look at the things in the trash, pending and spam folders. Comments in the “trash” folder are almost never approved.

Ilhan Omar is not in danger from words

Ilhan Omar has generated a lot of criticism, but what we are seeing in response to her critics is an effort to set the stage to destroy free speech and insulate her and other members of Congress from criticism, backed up by armed agents of the state. Let’s be very clear here: That is the real endgame and this is why we must not fall for her false claims of victimization.

Incitement of violence is illegal and is not protected by the First Amendment. This is why death threats can be prosecuted, and the death threats against Omar should be aggressively prosecuted. But to say that criticism of Omar’s many gaffes over the last few months is an “incitement to violence” against her and other “women of color” is a dangerous stance. Categorizing criticism of Omar as “incitement” is the first step to making such speech illegal. Imagine a world where speech that criticizes a politician results in men with guns coming to your house to arrest you.That sounds like the Soviet Union or North Korea.

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Total loyalty to any man is idolatry

I am a supporter of Donald Trump. While I did not vote for him in 2016, I do plan on voting for him in 2020. But as Christians, we need to think carefully about how our support for Trump looks to people, especially vulnerable souls in the church. We should not adopt an “all or nothing” mentality about the President, as some have done. We need to continue to stand by the Bible’s teachings on sexual morality.

A couple weeks ago, I followed a retweet to Nancy French’s Twitter profile and discovered this editorial from 2016, which I had not read before. I wrote a fire-and-brimstone blog post (more on that in a bit) that will never actually hit the blog.

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Wikileaks and thinking for yourself

When I saw a prominent conservative make the bold claim that Julian Assange was arrested for “telling the truth,” I was amazed that anyone could say that with a straight face. But this exposes a need to think clearly, and reject partisan loyalty in favor of principle.

A few years ago, conservatives understood Wikileaks was doing bad things because they were exposing sensitive military secrets, putting national security and our military in danger. But because Wikileaks damaged Hillary Clinton in 2016, many conservatives have warmed to the organization. But we should not forget that this is still the same organization that endangered national security in the past and will probably do it again. Plus, they enabled an act of treason by Bradley Manning.

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Does Ilhan Omar have a legitimate point?

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the American people were horrified to see the nation’s naval forces decimated. The American people were legitimately angered by the nature of the sneak attack. War with Japan was justified and necessary in response to that attack, but our nation also acted shamefully. People of Japanese ancestry – loyal Americans – were herded into concentration camps because of fear that they would act as enemy agents. Racist imagery of Japanese people filled the pop culture, and even comic books got into the action with some horribly grotesque racist caricatures.

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“Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world…”

I have addressed this before, but I will expand on it here. I get a lot of hate mail on this topic, so let me clarify where I stand. Christians are not forbidden from all worldly entertainment. This includes watching sports, movies or TV, playing video games, playing board games, solving puzzles and so forth. There may be a few sects of Christianity who believe this, and if that is how they want to live, more power to them. I do not judge how you live your life. However, this is not the position of the vast majority of sincere Christians.

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Repent of this wicked idolatry

Donald Trump is a “godly, biblical president?”

No, he is not. This is totally false, and Michele Bachmann knows it.

Look, we have who we have. Trump is not a man of good character, but he has delivered good conservative policy. He has not been perfect, but he has been good. So here is the choice in 2020: We can continue with good conservative policy, or we can elect a Democrat – and all of them are terrible.

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