Can we please stop freaking out about COVID-19?

“Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” – Master Yoda

As both sides of the COVID-19 culture war dig in, it is important to remember (again) that we need to have a sense of proportion and maybe consider that people we disagree with might have something valuable to say from time to time. Maybe those who disagree with us are not actually evil.

President Biden was mocked for suggesting people get vaccinated, wear a mask and practice social distancing in a hurricane shelter. Of course, this is perfectly reasonable. Obviously, a giant storm is a more immediate concern, but there is no reason to put yourself at greater risk of contracting a potentially serious virus while sheltering from the storm. This is being treated as absurd on the Right, but it is not. It does not help the cause of resisting true overreach when we mock every guideline.

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The absurdity of equating Christians and the Taliban

As the Taliban takes over Afghanistan, we know what is going to happen to women under the Islamic theocracy. Women and even pre-teen girls will be forced into “marriages” (sex slavery) against their will, and Muslim terrorists will use gang rape as a weapon against women whose families collaborated with the United States. They will not be allowed to attend school or be seen in public, and they will be forced to wear burlap sacks that cover their entire bodies. Women who report rapes will be murdered or raped again.

All of these truly horrifying outcomes are, according to some truly unhinged Leftists, exactly the same as restricting “abortion rights” in a constitutional republic where women have full voting rights and where discrimination based on sex is illegal under federal law. This is also a country where the majority of university students are women. Sure, it is exactly the same.

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When “compassion” leads to rape

My initial reaction to putting anatomically intact male prisoners into women’s prisons in California is “insane,” but that was not the correct reaction. It is actually not insane it all. It is a calculated decision, and it is pure evil. The “authorities” in California are knowingly and intentionally subjecting women in prison to repeated rapes in order to advance a radical political agenda.

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Biden passes the buck on Afghanistan

Joe Biden’s speech last week about his decision to surrender to the Taliban and order a hasty, chaotic retreat was an embarrassment. Biden immediately threw shade on President Trump, basically blaming him for the “obligation” to withdraw. Biden had no such obligation, and he knows it. He could have changed course on Trump’s agreement as he has changed a number of other Trump policies. Biden was simply lying.

Biden also lied when he claimed the Afghans were not willing to fight. Afghanistan has lost 66,000 soldiers and police fighting the Taliban – far more killed than the United States. One could argue the Afghan army did surrender too quickly, but to say they were not willing to fight is an outright lie. It is also important to remember that the Afghan army was dependent on U.S. air support and logistical support.

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Say no to heatstroke

About 10 years ago, Tera the Beagle was sleeping outside in the sun. When I checked on her, she was panting heavily, so I made her come inside into the air conditioning. She proceeded to whine and howl and carry on because she wanted to sleep in the sun.

No. I am not going to allow you to get heatstroke because you are too stupid to know you are overheating, or too stubborn to care. You are staying inside. Maybe I am a helicopter dog owner, but better safe than sorry.

Tera died of old age in 2019. RIP, Tera.

COVID-19 over-regulation in the name of liberty

Folks on the Right have been very critical of pandemic mitigation policy over the last year and a half. Some of that has been justified, and some of it has not been. However, we should be wary of big-government solutions from the Right that are meant to counteract big-government solutions from the Left.

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Generational theft and infrastructure spending

Putting aside what is in the $1 trillion infrastructure legislation that 19 Republicans (including Mitch McConnell) voted for, there is a much more basic issue: It is too much money and we cannot afford it. We started running budget deficits of over a trillion dollars a year in 2009, and the federal government (under President Donald Trump) completely abandoned all pretense of fiscal responsibility in 2020.

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