Voting age

No, we should not lower the voting age.

16 year olds don’t have the life experience and brain development to be adults, which is why the age of majority is 18.

The voting age was lowered to 18 because they could be drafted to fight in a war. No such justification exists for high school sophomores.

Abolishing township boards is foolish

If the Indiana state legislature thinks that abolishing township boards will improve transparency and accountability in township government, they are wrong. It would make things worse. The county council does have oversight now, as does the state board of accounts, so by eliminating township boards the state legislature would actually be removing a level of oversight.

In Monroe County alone: There is simply no way that a seven-member county council will provide the same oversight of the 11 trustees as 33 township board members. If there are problems with what the trustee is doing, less oversight will make it worse, not better. The council already has a lot of work to do, as does the county auditor. Adding increased oversight of township government finances to the existing duties of the auditor and council will make it less likely that abuse will be caught, not more likely.

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A radical, economy-destroying extension of liability

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez needs to understand how liability works. Her line of questioning directed at Wells-Fargo over the Dakota Access pipeline represents dangerous ignorance. A bank that financed the pipeline should be responsible for a leak in a pipeline they do not operate? Really?

Blaming banks for every downstream result of what people do with money lent to them is an incredibly dangerous precedent. If banks are legally responsible with what people do with the money lent to them, then they will not lend anyone any money at all. There is no logical difference between holding a bank responsible for an oil pipeline leak and holding a bank responsible for drunk drivers who financed the purchase of their cars. What about people who use their cars to commit crimes? Should the bank be liable for that?

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Random thoughts of the day

♣ – There is no such thing as sex slavery. The fact that term exists is offensive. The correct term is rape slavery. None of these slaves are having “sex.” They are being raped.

♣ – Can we please stop with the idiotic meme that we cannot speak ill of the dead? This one is easy, and I realize I am proving Godwin’s Law here, but Adolf Hitler is dead. Most Nazi war criminals are dead. Should we not condemn the Holocaust? Because that is really stupid.

♣ – Charter schools should not get referendum tax dollars. Voters approved a referendum in 2010 and 2016, they voted for money to go to MCCSC, not another school. (I voted no both times.) For the legislature to vote after the fact and change the distribution that voters approved is simply wrong. Let’s not pull a bait and switch on voters.

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The need for unity in the pro-life movement

There have always been debates within the pro-life movement on how to proceed with abolishing abortion. I was surprised to find out when I became active in the 1990’s that some groups would openly oppose legislation to restrict abortion if it did not explicitly ban all abortion, on the grounds that we should not support legislation that allows for murder. In the state of Indiana, we see this in reverse: Two wings of the pro-life movement are fighting about the immediate abolition of baby-murder.

What prompted this post is that a friend said on Facebook that Indiana Right to Life is “doing everything they can to prevent the abolition of abortion” and that donations to them are used to “lobby against abolishing Roe vs. Wade.” That is an unfair characterization.

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Why is the New York Times covering for domestic terrorists?

Note: I sent this to the New York Times on March 4.

I was shocked to read in the New York Times the following excuse for University of California, Berkeley canceling a speech by Milo Yiannopoulos back in 2017:

“Students at multiple campuses threatened to boycott events where Mr. Yiannopoulos was to speak, forcing them to cancel the appearances.”

Only two years ago, the Times reported that “rioters smashed windows, set fires and threw rocks at police” to protest Yiannopoulos. UCal Berkeley caved to violent domestic terrorists and canceled the speech.

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“If you aren’t with us, then you are against us.”

I warned in 2016 that the cult mentality surrounding Donald Trump would last deep into his presidency if he was elected, and Republicans would not be permitted to dissent if someone who had been a lifelong New York City liberal pushed policies that most Republicans would oppose if Barack Obama proposed them. Well, it turns out I was right. For far too many in MAGA-world, it is all or nothing.

One popular social media personality recently scolded libertarian-leaning Republican Senator Rand Paul for opposing Donald Trump’s decision to declare a national emergency to build a wall on the border. Of course, it is possible to support building a wall while opposing the President moving money around that Congress has not appropriated to build the wall. But that is not enough. Either you support President Trump in his declaration of a “national emergency” or you are an enemy.

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Movie Review: Captain Marvel

I watched “Captain Marvel” and it was… OK. I realize the lead actress does not want me reviewing it, because I am a white dude. Too bad. Here are my thoughts anyway. I will try to keep this free of spoilers.

It was certainly not a bad movie. It was entertaining. Captain Marvel is overpowered, though, when she reaches her full cosmic power. She is more like Binary, when the character had immense cosmic power and was a recurring character in the X-Men books. (That is not a spoiler. It was in the trailer.) One could believe that she could take on Thanos by herself while the rest of the Avengers sit on the bench in the next movie. Also, where was she before? She has been flying through space for 20 years, so one would think she had heard of Thanos before now. Why did she not take him out before he assembled the Infinity Gauntlet?

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