Why does it have to be “all or nothing” with Trump?

The Republican Party has always prided itself on being a “big tent,” but a large portion of MAGA world seems determined to make that tent as small as possible. Much of the Left also seems determined to push away people who do not totally reject Donald Trump and everything he does. For way too many people on both sides, Trump is an “all or nothing” proposition. You must totally support him or totally oppose him, with no room for nuance or independent thought. But here is the reality: There are many more shades of gray in life and in politics than we care to admit.

One thing that both liberals and #NeverTrump conservatives often fail to understand is that support for Donald Trump as a political figure does not mean support for everything he says and does, or even that we like him as a person. The thing that MAGA world does not understand is that criticism of some of Trump’s words and actions does not mean we are a “never Trumper” or Deep State. (Or for some of the less mature people, that we are a traitor, a faggot or a cuck.)

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