Hypocrisy and hyperpartisanship at the Herald-Times

If someone wrote a letter to the editor and I called the author a “terrorist” in Herald-Times comments, I expect my comment would be deleted, as it should be. Calling someone a “terrorist” is a defamatory statement, because terrorists commit acts of violence, destruction and mayhem to advance a political agenda. So why should a Leftist be permitted to fraudulently call me a “terrorist” in the comments for my letter to the editor?

The Herald-Times has long had a policy against libelous and defamatory comments. The so-called “newspaper” deleted several comments in 2011 when a Democratic activist accused a former Republican elected official of felony voter fraud for voting in the Democratic primary. (Indiana has closed primaries.) After that, the H-T said people were not allowed to use the word “murder” to describe abortion, even if no specific person was accused of a felony. I strongly disagree with prohibiting the word “murder,” but at least I can respect the reasoning for that rule – provided it is evenly enforced. (Spoiler! That policy is not evenly enforced.)

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