Hillary Clinton’s political career is dead!

Here is a belated New Year’s resolution for my fellow Republicans: In 2019, Republicans need to SHUT UP about Hillary Clinton. To this day, when conservatives criticize Donald Trump for things such as not making enough progress on building the border wall, Trumpites whine “Would Killary have given us one?” It is a truly pathetic display.

Come on guys, you need a new line. The 2016 election is over. Hillary Clinton’s political career is dead. She will never be elected to anything. The binary choice meme is dead and has been dead since November 9, 2016. It is long past time to hold Trump responsible for his actions and inaction, and his success and failures. It is time for Trump loyalists to put their big boy pants on and actually engage in the messy business of policy, rather than fawning over the President as a personality and reflexively defending everything he does.

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A false equivalence on tear gas

Putting aside weather tear gas was appropriate to use at the border, this article in the Washington Post makes a false equivalence.

Tear gas is allowed for use in domestic riot control and SWAT raids because it is a “less lethal” alternative to lethal force. The point is to use something instead of bullets. Many “less lethal” tools used by law enforcement (tasers, flash-bang grenades, etc.) CAN be lethal, but are preferable to force designed to be lethal.

This doesn’t mean the “less lethal” options should be overused, of course. Excessive force by law enforcement is wrong regardless. But we should not confuse means designed to be “less lethal” in order to avoid lethal force with the use of chemical agents in warfare designed to increase lethality.