The need for a coherent energy policy

Note: I originally posted this on October 2, 2000. Because this version of the blog goes back to 2010, I have over a decade of stuff on the website that is not on this blog. Therefore, I will occasionally post stuff from the archives on the main blog.

With President Clinton’s release of thirty million barrels of oil from the strategic oil reserve, energy policy has become mired in the politics of a presidential election, and a large weakness has been revealed in the Democratic Party platform.

Clinton released thirty million barrels of oil; an incredibly insignificant amount given the amount of oil we use here in America. We use 19 million barrels every single day, so Clinton’s release of the reserves will only last one and a half days. In addition, with domestic oil refineries running at 94% capacity, there is little chance of getting this drop in the bucket to where it needs to go.

Since the release will have no impact, why is Clinton doing it? The answer is simple: to help Al Gore’s chances of being elected President. Gore and the rest of the administration have said that the situation is different now than it was when Gore opposed releasing the reserves early this year. What exactly is different, Mr. Gore? Is it that you are falling behind George W. Bush in the polls and you need to do something to help your chances of being elected?

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