It is time to abolish women’s sports

One of the purposes of Title IX when it was signed into law (as part of a larger piece of legislation) was to ensure women have equal access to sports programs, at both university and high school level. The “transgender” cult is obliterating the purpose of Title IX by pushing women out of women’s sports and giving them unfair competition.

We segregate sports by sex for a reason. Men are stronger, faster, and more durable than women. It is therefore unfair to allow men to compete against women in sports, because of men’s natural biological advantages in athletic competition. Also, please spare me the boring and tiresome habit of pointing to specific women who are stronger, faster and more durable than specific men. Obviously Maria Sharapova is a better athlete than Scott Tibbs ever was or could be. Most kindergartners have a higher bench press, top running speed and vertical leap than I do. I am speaking of the general population, and everyone outside of brainwashed gender studies professors knows these scientific facts.

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