Donald Trump is a hammer. He thinks everything is a nail.

One thing conservatives love about President Trump is that when someone hits him, he fights back. We have spent too many decades watching Republicans take it on the chin and not defend themselves. But Trump is a hammer, and he thinks everything is a nail that needs to be pounded. This is why he got into a silly Twitter fight with Republican-appointed Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

Now, let’s be clear. On the substance of the argument, Trump is right and Roberts is wrong. Obviously there are “Obama judges” in our federal court system. Roberts is holding to the ideal of what a judge should be – someone who looks at the law and the Constitution and makes decisions based on that, and he does have a vested interest in that image. Trump is saying what everyone knows about human nature. People are biased and carry their bias with them. We should not let idealism blind us to reality.

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