Consent is not enough

As Christians, we need to be able to read the stitches on the fastball. Not every Christian will have the same level of discernment, but we all should have some level of discernment. We should pray for more discernment and we should cultivate what we already have. We certainly should not despise those who have extra discernment and can see where the culture is going before we get there, and warn us about it.

There are both good and bad things about the #MeToo movement, and the emphasis on consent is good. Too many men (especially rich and powerful men) feel they have a “right” to take what they want, and women’s wishes are overridden. Women should never be forced to do anything against their will.

But while consent is necessary, consent is not enough.

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It is time to abolish women’s sports

One of the purposes of Title IX when it was signed into law (as part of a larger piece of legislation) was to ensure women have equal access to sports programs, at both university and high school level. The “transgender” cult is obliterating the purpose of Title IX by pushing women out of women’s sports and giving them unfair competition.

We segregate sports by sex for a reason. Men are stronger, faster, and more durable than women. It is therefore unfair to allow men to compete against women in sports, because of men’s natural biological advantages in athletic competition. Also, please spare me the boring and tiresome habit of pointing to specific women who are stronger, faster and more durable than specific men. Obviously Maria Sharapova is a better athlete than Scott Tibbs ever was or could be. Most kindergartners have a higher bench press, top running speed and vertical leap than I do. I am speaking of the general population, and everyone outside of brainwashed gender studies professors knows these scientific facts.

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Twitter bans truth and mandates superstition

Transgenderism mandates acceptance, and will tolerate nothing less than acceptance. Tolerance is not the goal here. We see this in Twitter’s new policy banning “deadnaming” and “misgendering” of transgenders.

Let’s be clear about this: Twitter’s new policy has nothing at all to do with protecting the dignity of transgenders. This is about forcing mandatory acceptance of transgenderism at the expense of truth, science and biological facts. This is about erasing dissent, because Twitter fears the free exchange of ideas. Twitter has once again caved to Leftists (and likely agitators within the company) at the expense of the company’s original mission as a free speech hub. Political Correctness demands censorship, and Twitter has bowed to it.

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No one is being erased. Stop screeching.

Here is an uncomfortable reality for LGBTQ+ activists: When you cannot recognize there are real and serious issues surrounding “transgender rights” – like women’s privacy in restrooms and locker rooms, and fairness to biologically female athletes – you do great harm to your cause. When you refuse to engage with serious concerns like women’s privacy and instead screech “BIGOT” you lose all credibility.

The American people are tired of having Leftists start shrieking and screeching about “bigotry” any time someone raises legitimate concerns about their policy agenda. To the Left, there cannot be any legitimate dissent. Either you are fully on board with LGBTQ+ “rights” or you are a bigot, and you are no different than a Nazi. Are you proposing that LGBTQ+ people be put into concentration camps and gassed to death? Come on, this is absurd.

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Transgender activism and the end of feminism

When anyone can be a woman, women do not exist. Therefore, women’s rights become meaningless.

Paul Joseph Watson recently tweeted a picture of some parking spaces for “ladies only.” Of course, this doesn’t mean that people who are fully biologically male cannot park there. A man need only “identify” as female in order to park in the “ladies only” spots. Gender is fluid, according to radical Leftist gender theory. Trans “women” actually are women, according to radical Leftist gender theory. So if I identify as a woman long enough to get a prime parking spot, who are they to tell me I am not allowed to do that?

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Not even close to the same thing

Recognizing biological reality is not misgendering. There is no such thing as a “trans woman” or a “trans man.”

One user on Twitter complained that people will correct you if you call a male dog a “she” (or vice versa) but if you correct someone “misgendering” trans people you are called a social justice warrior authoritarian and accused of advancing “compelled speech.” (I am intentionally not linking to the user, because she is not the point.) But the comparison is deeply flawed because the situations are totally different.

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Mandatory acceptance of transgenderism

A so-called “judge” in Idaho has now forced the state to allow people to falsify legal documents:

Idaho now has until April 6 to begin considering applications for people who wish to change their birth certificates to accurately reflect their gender identity.

This is absurd.

First of all, no one in the history of the universe has ever been “assigned” a gender at birth. What happens when a child is born is that the doctor looks at the baby’s genitals and observes biological reality: He is male or she is female. This is not a decision of the doctor or the parents. It was determined without them, when the embryo developed either XY or XX chromosomes. It shows an astonishing ignorance of basic human biology for Leftists to pretend that sex is “assigned” instead of recognized.

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Men should not compete in women’s sports. Period.

Feminists scored a significant victory for women’s sports with the passage of Title IX, and since then participation in, funding for and emphasis on women’s sports has increased significantly. How ironic it is, then, that modern “feminists” are working with the transgender lobby (and the Democratic Party) to obliterate women’s sports by allowing men to compete with women.

Last week, Matt Walsh covered the absurd story of a 15 year old young man who was allowed to compete against girls. His time would not have been good enough to compete against other young men, but was plenty good enough to dominate girls. Basically, he cheated by forcing his way into an event he was not permitted to compete in, cheered on by his permissive “parents” and school officials dedicated to the transgender cult.

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Facing reality on "transgender" bathroom access

The demand for schools, private businesses and so forth to allow people to use the bathroom that does not correspond to their biological sex has nothing to do with civil rights or safety. This is about mandatory approval of a lifestyle. We are increasingly being told that we will approve of a choice and there will be consequences if we do not.

Let’s lay down some biological facts here. No one is “assigned” a gender at birth. The sex is innate and the doctor simply documents what is visible. There is no such thing as a “trans man” or “trans woman.” There are only men and women, with the sex given to them by nature. There are women living as men, and there are men living as women. But biologically, they are the sex they were born as, and will never change that.

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Transgender bathrooms and abandoning reality

Is it really that difficult to understand that grown men should not be in a women’s restroom? Apparently, we have abandoned basic biological facts for the feelings of an incredibly tiny minority. When North Carolina passed its infamous bathroom bill, Leftists around the country were infuriated. Major corporations threatened economic retaliation and condemnation rained down on social media.

First, we need to establish basic facts. Trans women are not women. They are men. If you are biologically male, you are a man down to your DNA. Mutilating yourself does not make you a woman.

Second, let’s be clear: The North Carolina legislation was a reaction to an absurd “anti-discrimination” law in Charlotte that mandated private business allow men to use the women’s restroom. Had the city of Charlotte not overreached, then the North Carolina state legislature would have had no reason to intervene. This was not crafted because some nasty old white Republicans woke up one day and decided to be mean to transgender people. This was crafted in response to the actions of radical Leftists in Charlotte.

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