Religious liberty and "transgender" teens

It is always a tragedy when a young person dies, but the suicide of 16-year-old Josh Alcorn has struck a national chord and ignited a debate about religious freedom, parental rights and sexual identity. Alcorn was a teenage boy who wanted to live as a girl, and committed suicide when his parents disagreed with his choice.

When God created man, He did not create an infinite spectrum of genders. He created sex as a physical trait, not as a plastic identity. He created male and female, a binary system:

So God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them. — Genesis 1:27

Now, because we live in a postmodern age where we always want to discount a general truth by pointing to the exception (no matter how tiny that exception is) we should deal with the issue of hermaphrodites. (Also known as intersex.) There are people born with truly ambiguous genitals, so it is not obvious which sex that child belongs to at birth. However, hermaphrodites are a tiny percentage of the population, so trying to build a generic argument from a statistically tiny population has no logical merit.

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Political Correctness endorses man-on-woman violence

If only Baltimore Ravens star player Ray Rice had publicly declared himself to be a “transgender” woman, perhaps he would still have a job after brutally knocking out his fiancé, Janay Palmer.

Female MMA fighter Tamikka Brents recently suffered a broken eye socket that required seven staples, as well as a concussion due to a violent beating by her opponent – a man named Fallon Fox. While Fox claims to be a woman – and has had himself surgically mutilated – he is in fact a man. As a man, he has definite (and unfair) advantages against a woman in a sport like mixed martial arts.

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